5 Netflix Series for Every Type Of Yogi

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Not that we needed another reason to do yoga, or chill at home and binge on Netflix. But since it’s International Yoga Day, and Yoga is Sanskirt for ‘to unite’ – referring to the mind and body – we decided to take this opportunity to create our own special kind of unity. There’s nothing we love more than chanting ‘om’ and ending our practice with Shavasana to put us in the right set of mind. Since it’s International Yoga Day, we’ve decided to step up our Yoga Game.

This year, we’re celebrating International Yoga Day with a special unity between Yoga & Netflix. No need to say #Namaste in bed, find your flow then come grab your remote. You have earned an evening of relaxation with Netflix. We know there is no one-type-fit-all yogis out there, so pick the type of yoga you like and we’ll tell you the Netflix genre that suits you!

Power Yoga

Feel your inner warrior with the ultimate show about strength Jessica Jones.  



The couples that train together, stay together. Take notes from America’s favorite power couple from the hit show Claire and Frank Underwood.


Vinyasa Yoga

is all about mental focus and means “moving into a special place in a special way”
 Nobody demonstrates mental focus more than “Eleven” from your favorite show Stranger Things as she uses her mind to move things in a special way.


Ashtanga Yoga

Known as the best of kind of Yoga that helps you master your breathing techniques, Ashtanga will leave you breathless just like the OA

Yin Yoga 

This type of Yoga is best to relieve stress. What greater way to top it off with an evening of Gilmore Girls
 as you curl up on the couch with your favorite cozy blanket


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