5 Places To Buy Nut Milk in Cairo

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If you’re staying away from dairy, milk in particular, then here is a list of all the places you can get nut milks in Egypt!


Gourmet Egypt

Gourmet Egypt sell fresh almond milk, sweetened almond milk (honey) and plain coconut milk! You can buy the nut milks in their stores, or online on their website




Although Glow is known for their smoothies and juices (which are made from fresh almond milk), you can order a 500ml bottle of fresh almond milk! Check their page to place your order.


Lychee Fruit Bar

You can find the 1 Liter homemade Almond Milk Bottle readily available at any of their branches!


Osana Family Wellness

Available at Osana Café, you can pre-order a bottle of Almond Milk or you can request any of your drinks to be made with their homemade almond milk!


Moozy’s Bakes

You can order Moozy’s Baked Almond or Coconut page by calling this number 01289298359 or at ElMarket in Maadi


If you’re interested in making your own almond milk at home, check out our recipe here!

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