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Watch How This Brand Nailed Their Influencer Social Media Marketing Campaign

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In the last few years, the term “influencers” has gained traction and become a buzzword in today’s social media-obsessed culture. The very word implies their reach and sway over a great number of people. It is not just reflected in the number of followers on their Instagram accounts but also in their collaborations with big…

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Meet the Power Couple Behind Egypt’s First Health Food Store With an All-Natural Menu

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We’ve all heard of the saying, “Behind every successful man is a woman”, or my personal favorite, “Behind every successful woman is herself”. But in the case of the founders of Raw Republic, it’s more like “Behind every successful health food store is a power couple and a couple of powerful blenders.” Dalia Hashish, an…

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10 Traditional Favorite Dishes Made Vegan

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I’ve always believed traditional food tends to be the healthiest, in terms of being plant based. After all, nature was our ancestors’ supermarket, where only the freshest produce (sans pesticides, insecticides, chemicals) were used to create nutritious food that has been passed down from generation to generation. Of course, there are a lot of meat…

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How I Dealt With Postpartum Depression in Egypt

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Everyone talks openly about how wonderful and rewarding motherhood is. They might even talk about its many challenges; the sleepless nights, the lack of time for oneself, the loss of personal identity, the sheer enormity of the responsibility of caring for another human being and keeping them alive. But no one really talks about depression.…

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A New Mom’s Guide to Feeding a 10 Month Old Baby

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Being a new mom, it’s difficult to know what exactly to feed your baby, after the initial six months (if exclusively breastfeeding) has passed. For example, in the West, they don’t advocate feeding a baby less than six month old any solids, or anything except breast milk. While in other non-Western cultures, it is common…

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A Day Well Spent at Sara’s Organic Farm

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Ever wondered how to take yummy, drool-worthy pictures of food like the ones routinely splattered across Instagram and on various food blogs? Apparently, there’s a whole art, nay science to it. Few weeks ago saw The Daily Crisp’s team attending the “All Creative Natural Food Workshop,” designed and lead by recipe developer and director of…

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