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MEET Khaled Mostafa: The Man with a Solution to Egypt’s Deadly Roads

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If you’ve been active on social media this summer you’ve most likely come across many families and friends grieving the loss of a loved one due to road accidents. Summer is especially infamous for Egypt’s roads and haphazard drivers causing casualties, but even with the improved Al Alamein road being re-opened in time for summer…

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Our Editor’s Tried and Tested DIY Homemade Deodorant Recipe

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There’s a long-standing debate on whether store bought deodorant does more harm than good. If you frequent public spaces and transportation, then you’re definitely in favor of deodorant, but sometimes curiosity or a health scare makes you want to break the norm. For me, it was a combination of both; mysteriously swollen glands and the…

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The October Event Every Woman Should Be Attending

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As women, it continually seems we have a lot bigger load placed on our shoulders as we age, especially if our vision for our future involves any form of work and raising a family. In the midst of family planning and raising kids, it can be hard not to let our personal goals and dreams…

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5 Reasons You Need to Let Your Child be Messy

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As parents, it can seem like we are constantly cleaning up after our children. It’s a never ending battle from day one to keep up with the added mess our bundles of joy bring into our lives. And since we are the ones who are continually running around cleaning up those messes and washing the…

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MEET: The Couture Queen Whose Crown Is Built on Talent, Family and Chance

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What do you get when a woman who always dreamed of being an architect is raised by a mother who can sew? Egypt’s leading couture wedding dress designer, of course. By simply walking into Maison Yeya to sit down with Yasmine Yeya, it’s immediately apparent that the woman has an eye for design that’s reflected…

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A Family Retreat in the Heart of Cairo

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There are those days where you wish you could escape the city and at least take a weekend away. But then life happens, right? The older we get and the more our families expand the reasons to not just pick up and go grow as well. Thankfully, there’s a space that now caters to this…

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Yasmin Yeya’s Insider Guide to Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress

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Wedding season is in full swing, which also signifies a rise in engagements and couples looking to commit to a lifetime together as well. Whether you’re still daydreaming about how your celebration should look or you’ve already got your dress picked out, the advice from local wedding dress couture queen Yasmine Yeya on how to…

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MEET Nermine Noeman: Life Coach by Day, Belly Dancing Instructor by Night

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What if your life coach told you to go dancing? If you’re not so outgoing or ‘skilled’ you might hesitate. So what if your life coach told you to go belly dancing? Would you burst out laughing or be there in a heartbeat? It might sound incredibly odd and not like the most rational advice…

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