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This Is What Happens To Your Body In The Different Stages Of Ramadan Fasting

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During the Holy Month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise till sunset everyday of the lunar month. The Ramadan fast can be a natural and effective way for the body to detox and revitalize itself. This can only happen through following a healthy plan, not over-indulging for Iftar, avoiding processed and fried foods, sleeping well,…

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El Alsson School Raises Awareness About Autism in The Most Creative and Inspiring Way

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It is such a breath of fresh air to see schools going above and beyond the school curriculum to teach kids about matters beyond science and math. One school in particular, El Alsson, took maters to a new level by bringing together their student body and raising awareness on autism through a new outlet. They show…

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5 Misleading Products That Seem Healthy But Aren’t

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The problem with marketing is, when sugar-filled products are marketed to the people as “healthy,” “low-fat” and “natural” a lot of people fall for this marketing trap and end up buying carts full of products that they think are healthy, or at least better options, when the reality is that they’re just buying regular over-processed,…

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Passant Nur El-Din: The Tour Guide Who Makes History Come Alive Through her Passionate Story Telling

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  A love story that took place four thousand five hundred years ago. A story that reminds us all of how love between two souls is much bigger and stronger than just physical love. Passant Nur El-Din, a tour guide in Egypt, goes above and beyond our expectations with her video that takes us through an…

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