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١٩ امرأة مذهلة غيرت مجال اللياقة البدنية في مصر

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نحتفل اليوم بانجازات نساء زئرن عاليًا، ليحطموا الصور النمطية، وليغيروا مجال اللياقة المصري. من حركات الsquat إلى الحركات المنبطحة في وضع الكلب على ركبتين وكوعين. في الفترة الأخيرة، شهدت مصر كثير من النساء اللاتي أخذن مجال اللياقة لأفاق جديدة. فبعضٌ منهن لديهن عملين، بينما الأخريات يركزن على حياتهن ولياقتهن. وأنتن جميعًا تغيرن الحياة، وتلهمونا كل…

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Why This Egyptian ‘Diet Tip’ Is Actually Good Nutrition Advice

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One of the perks of being Egyptian is the endless advice we get from older generations about diet, lifestyle, fashion and pretty much all corners of life. No matter how many years have passed or how much research has been done some myths have stood the test of time and keep getting told over and…

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How This Health Coach Turned Her Love For Smoothies Into A GLOWing Business

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Amina Rashad was a stay at home mom, her kids had started growing up and she began searching for something to fill up the new spare time she had on her hands. Little did she know that an online detox would be the answer to her search. One day before she started her detox journey, Amina…

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Your Ultimate Guide To Eating Gluten-Free In Cairo

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Eating Gluten-free made huge headlines last year. There are a lot of reasons why some people, who despite not being intolerant to gluten, decide to eliminate it from their diets. The reasons range from it being a healthier choice to weight loss to fighting inflammation. As with most aspects of nutrition, there is no right…

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Study Finds-Animal Protein Increases Mortality Rate

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Plant-Based protein versus Animal protein is probably the biggest debate in the nutrition world. Opinions have varied from doctors, nutritionists and health coaches. Myths around plant-based protein have been circulating for years; “can you eat enough protein on a plant-based diet?” “can you grow muscles on a plant-based diet?” One very interesting recent study tackled this…

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5 Healing Crystals You Need to Attract Love and Boost Your Mood

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It’s 2018 and we all know that crystals are the new cupid. Instead of waiting around for cupid to throw his arrow, take matters into your own hands and invest in these crystals to help open your heart for love. According to crystal healing, crystals can be used to open your heart to find love…

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The One Thing I Did To De-Frizz My Hair And Clear My Skin

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Most, if not all of us refuse to drink tap water in Egypt due to the excessive residue and toxins in the water. Which raises the question of why would you put the same water you refuse to drink onto your skin? When we take a hot shower, we put ourselves at risk of inhaling…

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3 Women Tell Us Their Essential Makeup Products For 3 Different Looks

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Most women tend to have makeup bags that are overflowing with products that they have no idea how to apply, from highlighters to eyebrow pencils, there are just too many products to master! Even if you have the products down, the bigger issue arises; what to use and more importantly when? Luckily, we partnered up…

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