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Yasmine Ghaith: The Cancer Survivor Who Ate Her Way Back to Health

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A designer, an English teacher and more importantly, a cancer survivor. After being diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer in September 2016, Yasmine Ghaith decided to find out more about the disease that had taken over her body. After endless hours and days of researching and reading studies from all over the world, Gaith reached…

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5 of The Biggest Social Media Beauty Trends and Everything You Need To Know About Them

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From Bushy Eyebrows to Laser Hair-Removal, beauty trends come and go with what seems like every season. Some are bizzare and others, like having pink highlights are more tolerable than others. This year, these five beauty trends are still rocking the beauty game, even though some of them have been around for a while! If…

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10 Protein-Rich Foods To Keep In Your Kitchen If You’re On A Plant-Based Diet

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The eternal question posed by people following a plant-based diet is “what are alternative sources of protein?” Once animal protein sources have been removed from their diet, most people feel at a loss as to where they can find protein-rich food. However, protein can be found in an abundance of plant-based foods that should be…

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Everything You Need to Know About The Practice of Homeopathy in Egypt

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Homeopathy has been a controversial topic in complementary medicine for quite some time. In it’s essence, homeopathy is based on a holistic approach, which means that each individual is treated in a unique way taking into consideration the balance between the mind, body, soul and emotions in the management and prevention of any disease. It…

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