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Traveling Alone Can Be One of The Most Soul-Empowering Things You will do

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Every day, of every month, we are surrounded by people we know; family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, daily interacting with the people around us. Very rare are the days that you see absolutely no one you know and spend it completely by yourself. The best case for travelling alone is exactly that: to be alone and…

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Why You Need To Think Twice Before Introducing Soy Products Into Your Diet

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The move from animal-based proteins to protein alternatives have raised concerns over what’s healthy and what’s not. With the exclusion of certain foods, comes the introduction of others. One specific food whose nutritional value that has constantly been in question is soy. Soy has been marketed as the perfect alternative to dairy and source of…

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7 Workshops That Parents Can Attend for Free This March

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From ’emotional healing for parents’ to ‘laughter yoga’, Kidiology (Ecole F. Dolto / SQUADRA) is offering parents the opportunity to attend 7 parenting workshops this March, as part of their 7-year anniversary series of workshops. Celebrating 7 years of developing talent for Kidiology means 7 workshops led by experts in specialized fields, that will provide you with…

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A Local Farm Owner is One of Three Finalists for the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards

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This year, Sara-Kristina Hannig Nour from Sara and Lara’s Baskets has reached yet another milestone. She was selected as one of 3 finalists in the MENA region for the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards (CWIA). Among 2000 applications received by Cartier for the CWIA  each year, only 3 from each region are selected. The Cartier Women’s…

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