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3 Women Tell Us Their Essential Makeup Products For 3 Different Looks

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Most women tend to have makeup bags that are overflowing with products that they have no idea how to apply, from highlighters to eyebrow pencils, there are just too many products to master! Even if you have the products down, the bigger issue arises; what to use and more importantly when? Luckily, we partnered up…

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Healthy Winter Soup Recipes

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Everyone loves their mother’s creamy chicken soup, it somehow manages to fill the soul with just enough warmness all through the winter. But for those trying not to put on extra padding this winter, we’ve got great news for you. You can still have all your favorite soups this winter without the extra calories and unnecessary…

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5 Places To Buy Nut Milk in Cairo

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If you’re staying away from dairy, milk in particular, then here is a list of all the places you can get nut milks in Egypt!   Gourmet Egypt Gourmet Egypt sell fresh almond milk, sweetened almond milk (honey) and plain coconut milk! You can buy the nut milks in their stores, or online on their…

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13 Local Egyptian Stores To Help You Furnish & Accessorize Your Home

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Whether in-store or online, these stores have a wide variety of designs and creativity that you’ll find yourself wanting to buy everything you lay your eyes on! Here are some of Egypt’s most creative and innovative furniture & home accessories stores to help you finish your home beautifully and locally.   Dokan Boutique Made entirely…

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How This Egyptian Woman Went From Having Thin Hair To Thick Luscious Waves

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“The most important thing is to use natural ingredients..” In an interview, actress Farida Seif El Nasr reveals how she went from having a head-full of hair to having her hair fall out completely and the natural remedy that helped her re-grow her beautiful locks back. After endless visits to doctors on how to regrow…

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Nagwa Khedr: The Woman Introducing Egypt To A New Autism Treatment Method

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Autism Spectrum Disorder is characterized by a range of challenges in different areas such as social skills, speech and nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 1 in every 68 American children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. We talked to Nagwa Khedr, Early Intervention Specialist, about…

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Eman Naguib Gives Us 5 Tips To Set Up The Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner

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Everyone who has ever hosted a dinner party knows that food is just one of many aspects to create the perfect ambience. For thanksgiving, we had so many questions about what to do to create a memorable dinner party; like “what flowers should we get?” and “which are thanksgiving appropriate drinks to serve?” To answer…

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6 Reasons Why Investing In A Fully Finished Twin-Villa Is A Smart Move

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When it comes to choosing the right house, the perfect neighborhood and the best design for your new home you’ll find yourself with an abundance of options and no clue where to start. Just deciding between a stand-alone, an apartment, a town-house or a twin-villa is enough to make your head go round and round.…

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