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Passant Nur El-Din: The Tour Guide Who Makes History Come Alive Through her Passionate Story Telling

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  A love story that took place four thousand five hundred years ago. A story that reminds us all of how love between two souls is much bigger and stronger than just physical love. Passant Nur El-Din, a tour guide in Egypt, goes above and beyond our expectations with her video that takes us through an…

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We Asked 5 Fitness Experts What They Have To Say To People Who Are Intimidated To Start Their Sport

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Sometimes, we let the fear of failing or not being good enough come in the way of things we want to do in life. We make up ideas in our head and embed them there that it becomes sort of impossible to overcome these mental barriers. It happens all too well in sports, especially those…

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A Local Farm Owner Wins the Cartier Women’s Initiative Award

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This year, Sara-Kristina Hannig Nour from Sara and Lara’s Baskets has reached yet another milestone. She has won the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards (CWIA). Among 2000 applications received by Cartier for the CWIA  each year, only 3 from each region are selected for the finals. The Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards is an international business-plan competition that…

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An Egyptian Psychologist Tells Us How to Deal With People Who Are Suffering From Depression

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April 7th is World Health Day. This year, the World Health Organization (WHO) has chosen to bring awareness to one specific mental illness that is widespread around the globe: depression. Depression is a very common mental illness portrayed through ongoing sadness and a loss of interest in daily activities for a duration of 14 days…

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Hana Elawadi Hosts A Brunch to Empower 17 Egyptian Female Entrepreneurs

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There really is no greater ode to women empowerment that women who build each other up, by supporting and celebrating each other’s successes. Hana Elawadi, a lifestyle blogger, is doing just that this April 4th as she is hosting the women empowerment event, at The Nile Ritz Carlton, to topple any other. She is bringing together…

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