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How You Can Start Getting A Good Night’s Sleep In Ramadan

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Sleep plays an essential role in maintaining overall health and wellbeing. Lack of sleep and bad sleep quality can result in further complications and risks to your everyday function. According to a sleep technologist at the London Sleep Centre Dubai, “disrupted sleep routine can impact daytime functioning, reducing alertness, causing mood disturbances and creating an…

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8 Plant-Based Recipes for Iftar Gatherings

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Preparing Iftar while you are following a plant-based diet and have your own restrictions can somewhat be a challenge. Especially since your typical Ramadan Iftar consists of meats, sambousak filled with meat/cheese, pastas with dairy products and many other foods that are just not plant-based friendly. Due to the nature of Ramadan, the 3ezoomat and…

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This Is What Happens To Your Body In The Different Stages Of Ramadan Fasting

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During the Holy Month of Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunrise till sunset everyday of the lunar month. The Ramadan fast can be a natural and effective way for the body to detox and revitalize itself. This can only happen through following a healthy plan, not over-indulging for Iftar, avoiding processed and fried foods, sleeping well,…

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