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5 Fashion Brands in Egypt That Are Stylishly Saving The Environment

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Being eco-friendly is about the many ways, little or big, that you can help reduce your carbon footprint on our planet. We all know the usual ways, less meat, reduced energy consumption, … but one way that tends to be overlooked is the clothes that we wear. Reducing your carbon footprint means wearing clothes that…

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Yasmine Sabri’s Personal Trainer Reveals How She Got Her Incredible Figure

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We’re probably not the only ones who noticed superstar Yasmine Sabri’s incredible figure in her instagram posts. It’s obvious to see how dedicated she is to working out and staying in shape so we had to reach out to Ahmed Torky, the personal trainer she credits for her amazing physique. Torky started out his life…

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5 Simple Ways To Protect Yourself And Your Tech Devices From Getting Hacked

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If the amount of tech-breaches over the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that protecting your data and tech is very important. Big company’s, banks, even Yahoo and Gmail have all been subject to hackers and online security breaches. The past few years have seen major tech-hacks greatly impact so many different entities…

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Manal Rostom’s Journey From Struggling With The Hijab To Becoming Nike’s Pro Hijab Ambassador

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She made Egyptians all over the world proud when she became one of the faces behind the New Nike Hijab Line that will be launched in 2018. With many firsts under her belt, Rostom was the first Egyptian woman to run China’s Great Wall Marathon in 2016, as well as climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (Africa’s highest…

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