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Recipes: Suhoor

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Foul medammes, boiled eggs, and yogurt are all suhoor table staples that we’re all used to and love. However, a week into Ramadan and you eventually get tired of the same old foods every day, right? Check this article out for our take on healthy suhoor meals that will nourish your body and satisfy your…

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Ramadan Desserts You Won’t Believe Are Actually Healthy

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Now that the first week of Ramadan is over and you have tried every konafa and basbusa variation on the planet, you may be looking for some healthier Ramadan dessert options which still serve as something sweet but are not catastrophic to your health. When you think of it, you would never eat dessert every…

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Ramadan Food Combinations to Get The Best from Your Meals

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Although we love indulging during Ramadan, it is actually a period where you need to pay special attention to your food because of the long fasting hours and the demands it puts on the body. Every meal you consume should be with the intention of nourishing your body, which is why we have some great…

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Ramadan Pregnancy Nutrition Meal Plan

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Pregnancy is one of the most important transformational stages of your life, and taking care of your body during this transitional phase of your life is vital. If you do decide to fast while being pregnant in Ramadan, it is very important to pay close attention to your body’s signals of any fatigue or tiredness.…

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The 7 Easiest Ways to Spiritually Grow This Ramadan Other Than Fasting

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Islam places a huge emphasis on good ethics and proper manners alongside the religious practices and there is no better time than Ramadan to adopt these useful and beneficial ethics into your life. It takes 21 days to break a habit, making the holy month the perfect opportunity to detach yourself from any behaviors, habits…

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5 Natural Crisp Picks Of The Week

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From books to soups these are all things that we have personally been using, trying, eating and falling in love with! Here are our favorite five natural picks of this week…   Natural Smoothies – Glow Juice Our new favorite smoothie brand in town! All natural-ingredients that are sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free which come together to create flavorful…

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The Food Market that Will Help You Eat Healthy All Week

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  For the health-seekers in Cairo, no words sound better than “fast, convenient and healthy.” Luckily, Cairo is slowly becoming wholesome  as an abundance of brands, shops and products are providing us with all the fresh and nutritious foods we need to stay healthy in the city. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if ALL those products could be…

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