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Tuline El Chourbagui: A Story of Change, Self Discovery, and a New Meaning to Success

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Since I am approaching my 30’s, I find myself engaging in introspection much more, reflecting on my past accomplishments. I worked in interior design for 4 years then switched careers and became a creative director. I also did a lot of freelance in concept development and even created a sportswear line. All this seemed great…

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A New Study Warns Egyptians of Sleep Deprivation Risks, Only 19% Get The Recommended Hours of Sleep

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March 17th has been dubbed World Sleep Day, which posits the question “Do we really need a day to remember that we all love to sleep?” Apparently, yes, we do. Research conducted by Bupa Global, a leading provider of international health insurance worldwide, revealed that a only a staggering 19% of Egyptians get the recommended eight…

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This Mother’s Moving Message is A Reminder That You are Always Good Enough

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Being a parent is the hardest job in the world. Having said that, it’s natural for parents to want to overextend themselves and put in 100% every single day to excel at this job. But we’re also human. And as human beings it’s impossible to be extraordinary every single day. Some days you will be…

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The Daily Crisp Office Gets a Refreshing but Very Zen Makeover on a Budget

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Your work environment can affect everything from your mood to your productivity. We all know the benefits of having windows with views to the outside world, indoor temperature control, ergonomically correct seating and work spaces. For the corporate world, clean, white, almost sterile walls and surroundings is often the norm. However, for more creative professions,…

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The CotiGirls Reveal Their Secret to Choosing the Right Outfit for Valentine’s Day

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We’ve probably all been through the ‘stress & obsess’ phase of trying to find the perfect outfit to wear to a special occasion. Our friends from Coterique, let us in on a little secret that helped make our wardrobe choices so much easier. The secret; dressing  to compliment both your body and mood. If you…

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إطلاق أول كتاب وصفات مصري نباتي يستخدم المقادير المحلية فقط

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إنها قصة الفتاة التي تحدت كل الصعاب وأفتتحت أول مطعم مصري نباتي وعضوي وأسمته “المطبخ النباتي” , وبعد ثلاث سنوات لازالت تلك الفتاة تمارس هوايتها في كسر الحواجز وأصدرت كتاب وصفات خاص بها “المعدة السعيدة” (متوافر باللغتين العربية والإنجليزية) وهو يحتوي على ما يزيد عن 100 وصفة خالية من الجلوتين والسكر ومنتجات الألبانى والخميرة. أفضل…

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6 Hilarious Laundry Mishaps We’ve All Experienced At Least Once

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It’s good to learn from our mistakes and the mistakes of others. Whether you’ve already branched out on your own and are used to regularly doing your own laundry, or you’re still new to this one inevitable fact of life, these hilarious laundry mishaps from five real life working women will have you laughing (and…

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