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15 Design Ideas to Bring Spring to Your Home

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Sprucing things up in your house with the changing seasons is one of the best ways of keeping your mood fresh and avoiding boredom. Think of your home’s interior as a way of expressing yourself, and with the changing seasons (and most likely some spring cleaning) you can make a few simple changes to your…

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This Egyptian Service Will Pick Up and Recycle your Used Cooking Oil

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  We’ve heard of plastic recycling, even paper, but oil recycling? Definitely not that common here in Egypt. Many questions arise when you hear those words put together – like how and why? We’re the country that lives on fried falafel and sandwiches filled with french fries. Just think about the amount of cooking oil that…

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Tuline El Chourbagui: A Story of Change, Self Discovery, and a New Meaning to Success

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Since I am approaching my 30’s, I find myself engaging in introspection much more, reflecting on my past accomplishments. I worked in interior design for 4 years then switched careers and became a creative director. I also did a lot of freelance in concept development and even created a sportswear line. All this seemed great…

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A New Study Warns Egyptians of Sleep Deprivation Risks, Only 19% Get The Recommended Hours of Sleep

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March 17th has been dubbed World Sleep Day, which posits the question “Do we really need a day to remember that we all love to sleep?” Apparently, yes, we do. Research conducted by Bupa Global, a leading provider of international health insurance worldwide, revealed that a only a staggering 19% of Egyptians get the recommended eight…

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