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Egyptian Restaurant Owners Refuse to Hire Female Chefs

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Women have been struggling for centuries with sexism. One of the most common misconceptions that women fought against was that a woman’s place is “in the kitchen”. And that is what makes Aida Shaaban’s struggle a bit ironic. Why? Because she’s facing obstacles in order to get into the kitchen, a restaurant’s kitchen, that is.…

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What Happened When I Used Only Egyptian, Natural Beauty Products for a Month!

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I’ve always been telling myself that I need to be healthier. I’ve also been berating myself for falling victim to mass-produced beauty products. After all, who can resist all those gorgeous scents and pretty packaging? Here is the thing, while they’re difficult to resist, and while many of these products are actually great, there’s so…

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Dietitians Explain to Us Why Diet Pills Are the Answer for Some

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Discussions around diet pills always conjure up heated debates where people are almost evenly split into two groups; one that claims diet pills really do work and can be even good for you, and another that claims they are all hoaxes made by greedy corporations and seedy pseudo-scientists. Then there’s a few of us who…

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