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Lama Tawakkol: Why I’m Not Rushing to Get Married

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Growing up, people in their twenties seemed as old as it got. They were finishing university, getting jobs, becoming independent and figuring out their lives. They were also, of course, getting married. As I got closer to that age group, I repeatedly made the comment that they had always seemed so much older, so much…

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#AsktheExpert: What Mental Illness in Ramadan 2016 Series Says about Society

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This year we noticed a trend in the Ramadan TV show season. At least three of the biggest female names in the industry had their eagerly anticipated television dramas revolve around mental illnesses, psychiatric institutions or both. The legendary Yosra, Ramadan’s top contender for the past three years Nelly Karim, and successful Ghada Abdel Razek…

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