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7 Local Nut Butter Brands We Love

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Nut butters are some of the most versatile healthy food items you can have in your pantry- from spreading them on your wholemeal toast, to topping your bowl of oatmeal with them to adding a spoonful to your pre-workout smoothie, the sky is the limit. Lately, we have come across some awesome local brands that…

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Ditch Your Expensive Creams, This Anti-Aging Solution Costs Less Than 15 EGP

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When it comes to anti-aging, the trend usually goes towards brand-name creams and expensive treatments. What we usually tend to forget is that the best remedies are usually found in nature; more specifically in one specific nutrient that can be found in so many of nature’s beautiful products. Vitamin C is the ultimate anti-aging vitamin.…

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Eslam Edris “The Fat Slayer” From 131 KG To Becoming A Nutritionist

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We all love successful transformation stories and we all get inspired by the achievements that others do. Eslam Edris is one success story that would encourage anyone to start now and work on developing healthy eating habits. He is known online with his 200,000 followers Facebook page as “The Fat Slayer,” where he provides his…

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Is It True That Yoga Alters Our DNA?

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Apparently, Yes. In a new study published in the journal Frontiers in Immunology, they came to the conclusion that mind-body interventions (MBIs), like yoga, meditation and tai chi can have an altering effect on our DNA. So the regular yoga practice and daily meditation you’ve been doing don’t just make you Zen – they’re changing…

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: What It Is and How to Treat It

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Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal health problem that affects 1 in 20 women. The effects of the syndrome are varied, but can affect everything from fertility, weight, menstrual cycle, to outer appearance. It is caused by hormonal imbalances that lead to the growth of cysts on the ovaries. Causes There is no single…

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The Best Habits for Staying Hydrated This Summer

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The summer heat has picked up and with it comes the importance of staying hydrated. It’s no secret that staying hydrated is an important part of your overall health, especially when the rising thermometer can leave us feeling drained and dehydrated. You can avoid all those issues by following just a couple simple tips and…

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