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They say that your skin is the biggest indicator of how healthy your diet is. It is true that what you eat matters when it comes to a healthy outer appearance – you can buy the most expensive creams, treatments, and makeup in the world, but if you are not nourishing your skin from within…

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Fasting: Are You Doing It All Wrong?

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Fasting is associated with an array of health benefits, and to get full advantage of the detoxification that can happen to your body throughout the month it is important to maintain healthy habits from iftar all the way to suhoor. Today, we bring you a few simple tips that you can easily incorporate into your…

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The Best Habits for Staying Hydrated This Summer

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The summer heat has picked up and with it comes the importance of staying hydrated. It’s no secret that staying hydrated is an important part of your overall health, especially when the rising thermometer can leave us feeling drained and dehydrated. You can avoid all those issues by following just a couple simple tips and…

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The 4 Essentials for Healthy Traveling

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We are officially back in seaside weekend destination and travel mode. Whether it’s a quick weekend to the Red Sea or a trip abroad, we got you covered when it comes to the easiest and best ways to travel healthy. Healthy On-the-Go Snacks All it takes is a little planning ahead and you can easily…

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