#TriedAndTested: Four of Egypt’s Hottest New Fitness Classes

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Getting back in shape can seem somewhat tiresome and boring, but Egypt’s fitness industry has really been stepping up its game in terms of coming up with innovative concepts this year. So, with the aim of wanting to both break a sweat and have some fun while doing it, we went on a fitness spree. Here is what went down when we tried some of the newest local fitness classes on the scene:


Ignite’s ATHLEAN Class:

Ignite has built a robust name for itself as a performance training institute and so when we heard that they are offering a new class, we had to give it a shot. ATHLEAN is a cardio-based class that incorporates all sorts of footwork. For an hour, we got to train like true athletes who wanted to improve their agility and speed. We started our workout with a three-lap warm-up followed by some footwork drills, jumping rope intervals and sprint races. The class ended with ten minutes of stretching. What we loved most about this class the most is how every 10 minutes, we found ourselves doing a completely different set of exercises. Moreover, both trainers, Natasha and Deana, were super enthusiastic and helpful and added an air of positivity all throughout the class.

Sweat: 8

Difficulty: 6

Fun: 7



Cyclopedia’s Coach By Color Class:

Indoor cycling is known to be quite an excellent cardio workout option and Cyclopedia’s advanced approach definitely intrigued us. In this specific indoor cycling class, we had four different colour zones that we interchangeably tried to achieve throughout the one-hour workout. These colour zones represent different combinations of resistance and speed. The instructor or coach can know the performance of each person by seeing the colour indicator on their bicycle. The design of the class itself combines HIIT and interval training, which made it quite engaging and never redundant.

Sweat: 7

Difficulty: 5

Fun: 7


Palestra’s Hip Hop and Jazzercise Classes:

We’ve always heard that dancing burns a ton of calories, and so we headed on over to Palestra to try out two of their most exclusive dance classes. During the hip hop class we got to dance to tunes from Usher, Neyo and, yes you read that right, Amr Diab. During Jazzercise, we got to shake our booty to Shakira, J-lo and Samira Said. Both classes left us sweating buckets but feeling undoubtedly energized! Both classes were given by the ever energetic Sherine Goubran. Both classes are taught at a reasonable pace so we could actually keep up with all of the different dance moves and the positive ambiance kept us going till the very end!

Sweat: 8

Difficulty: 6

Fun: 9


The Mala’s Pole Fitness Class:

This well-structured class was the perfect way for us to attempt what we once thought was impossible: learning graceful spins. The class started with Shereen El Baz, our instructor, leading the warm-up stretches which got our muscles ready for what was to come. After that, El Baz, explained that during this class we will all learn how to do the ‘Attitude’ spin. We all practiced on the pole until we nailed and then El Baz taught us how to add more oomph to it by sexily doing some floor work after finishing our spin. The last 15 minutes of the hour-long class were dedicated to taking pics and videos where we got to show off what we learned and to stretching to avoid any muscle cramping. Overall, we found the class fun yet challenging!

Sweat: 6

Difficulty: 7

Fun: 9


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