Yoga at Your Desk

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Spending over 40 hours at a desk can cause a lot of damage to our bodies. Even if you love what you do, being chained to your desk for a long time can be really harmful for your muscles, joints, eyes, blood circulation and much more. So, before you run to your painkillers, give these yoga poses a try. They can be done discreetly at your desk, without freaking out any of your co-workers.

Farida Abou El Dahab is a self-taught yogini based in Alexandria. She’s a Finance graduate that happened to find her passion elsewhere and decided to pursue her dream of becoming a yoga teacher. She was first introduced to yoga in 2013 after struggling with a back injury for almost a year, and it wasn’t long before she discovered the wonders of this physical, mental and spiritual practice. She strongly believes in grey areas and that life doesn't have to be black or white. She believes in finding your balance and staying true to who you are.

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