When I think of having a dream job, I always picture myself writing and traveling from country to country; always on the lookout for the next adventure. So, what better way to get inspired than to observe the ones who have already chosen the more adventurous route? Here are some Egyptian travel bloggers whose pictures need to grace your Instagram feed:

Egyptians Who Travel :

Started by local nomad Abdalla Ali, Egyptians Who Travel lives up to its name featuring snaps from Egyptians trotting the whole globe. The pictures are anything, but classic tourist-y ones, that’s for sure.

Mariam Gobba :

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This young woman is a solo traveler who loves documenting her local and foreign journeys. Her whole feed will make you smile, as she strives to show the beautiful side of every place she sets a foot in.

Your Travel Pal:

The mixture of awesome photography skills and gorgeous backdrops gives this travel blog quite and edge. Seriously, some of the pics on there are I-N-S-A-N-E.

Arabian Gypsy :

Sarah’s endearing captions and detailed shots make her seem absolutely relatable. She goes to the most interesting of places and takes her followers along with her.

Hamed Dowedar:

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Want an Instagram feed that screams ‘living life on the edge’? Well, he’s your go-to guy for that one. There’s no stopping him from doing handstands on the highest of peaks or taking selfies with dolphins.

Curls En Route:


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With classic shots, a neat feed, and beautiful destinations visited, Nadine’s Instagram game is strong.

Just a GoProer:

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If there’s one man who has mastered the proper use of a GoPro camera, it is Mazen Yassen. His bubbly character pops out of his pictures and we all literally want him to be our best friend.

She Explores Earth:

This girl has turned her passion for traveling into a full-fledged business and her passion for travel blogging is as strong as ever. If you’re a fan of the beach life, her feed is a must-follow.

196 Stamps:

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Amira is just pure talent traveling from continent to continent. Every single snap on her feed will make you gasp with wonder.

Tranneta’s Travels:

What I find the most amazing about Myriam’s blog is that she shows the most gorgeous side of Egypt. Her pictures are a loud celebration of colours and will give you summer vibes all year long.