After recently shedding light on the fact Instagram is not real life, we want to make it clear that we still love scrolling through social media newsfeeds for ideas and insight. This is why we are bringing you our favorite, no-nonsense Instagram accounts to complement your healthy lifestyle and motivate you when you really need it. As long as you don’t obsess over the seemingly perfect lives you see, Instagram can be one of the most lifestyle and health-friendly social media sites available.

Black White Vivid

BW VividPrepare for some serious food porn with @BlackWhiteVivid’s account. This is an account to follow if you are lacking some food inspiration. The German, formerly Cairo-based Kati’s meals are all nutritious and plant based and will make you fall (or re-fall) in love with healthy eating, guaranteed.

Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra@DeepakChopra is an internationally-renowned, medically-trained mind-body expert and author of 80+ books who shares his wisdom with his Instagram followers daily. Sometimes all you need to get your day on track is an inspiring quote, and Deepak does just that oh so well.

Achieving Balance

Achieving BalanceTanya from @Achieving_Balance is all about working out and breaking a sweat with minimal equipment and in the comfort of your own home. Wake up 15 minutes early or try one of her heart racing workout videos before you head to bed, for a quick and effective body burn session.


ByFayrouzOur very own founder @ByFayrouz shares her daily nutrition tips and to help keep you on top of your healthy lifestyle. With creative recipes and lots of plant based evidence-based information, all your nutrition needs will be addressed with Fayrouz.

Shades of Joy

Shades of JoyMegan Joy stretches in ways we didn’t know were possible (we’ll admit, a little jealous), and seeing her work hard while scrolling through our feed has always been a great motivator for us to work out and (attempt to) look as graceful as she does. Follow her at @ShadesOfJoy.Co


HappstersIn a sometimes very negative world, the @Happsters account is solely dedicated to injecting some happiness into your day, which is a mission we can definitely support. This super-Pinnable account overlays inspirational quotes and affirmations on beautiful photographs and illustrations. If you woke up on the wrong side of the bed today, this is a good account to scroll through to lift your spirits.

Nutrition Stripped

Nutrition StrippedMcKel is a registered (no bluff) dietician on a mission to inspire you to eat more wholefoods in a delicious way. McKel says that ‘most people don’t know how good their body is designed to feel, and my mission is to make you feel it!’. Follow @NutritionStripped.

Well and Good NYC

Well and Good NYCCovering every aspect of the entire health and wellness scene; from healthy food, to natural beauty, to yoga, to Crossfit tips, @WellAndGoodNYC can probably appeal to one or more aspects of your life, no matter where you are or what you do.

Sweet Green

Sweet GreenThe reason we love the @SweetGreen Instagram profile? It is based all around real people and real food who are all about tasting the season and eating colorful wholefoods. Check them out and we can promise you will close their feed craving a yummy salad!

Papaya Sunshine

papayasunshinFor plant based, rich and delicious goodness, this account takes the cake! If you’re ever in need of some ideas to satisfy your sweet tooth, guilt free, all you have to do is scroll this account. Beautifully punctuated with some lovely natural scenes as well, @papaya_sunshine brings a calm vibe to a unique foodie feed.

The Daily Crisp

The Daily Crisp InstagramOk, so it’s technically number 11, but it still counts right? Follow @TheDailyCrisp for your daily dose of everything nutrition, health, and wellness related. Aside from all the fun extras you won’t find on our Facebook page or website, it’s also a great way to keep up to date with our latest articles.