So many young adults are rushing to get married these days, but it’s important to know your partner inside out before walking down the stairs to the Katb Ketab hall. It is absolutely vital to understand whether you meet each other  halfway when it comes to your ambitions, life goals, and priorities or not. Here are 10 key questions you must ask your partner before saying I do to better understand your compatibility:

Do you ever want to have kids? After how many years into the marriage? How important is it to you to have kids? 

Understanding just how much having kids is a priority to each of you is of absolute vitality before planning the big day. Agreeing on how many kids to have, if any, and when before getting married will allow both of you to avoid any future conflicts.

What career goals do you have? Do you see yourself having the same career in 5, 10 or 15 years? 

You need to both get a clear understanding of each other’s career paths. You need to figure out how you will both help each other grow and excel in these professional goals.

How much do you see us spending on house expenses a month? How much will each of us contribute? 

Figuring out the finances before getting hitched will minimize the chances of losing it later on over who buys what. It might be one awkward conversation to have, but on the plus side, it gets rid of the awkwardness from the very start!

How often will we both visit our parents? 

Yes, this is one question you both need to think thoroughly about and answer as honestly and as clearly as possible. Being vocal about how important seeing your parents is to you is very important from the very start. Having an agreement over when they can come over or when you two can go visit is a definite priority.

Who will take care of housework? Which chores will we share? How will we divide the housework?

It is 2018 and no man can just blindly assume that the woman will be responsible for all of the house chores. Sharing a house together is a huge responsibility, but nothing that two adults can’t handle. Making it clear from the very start that you will both help out is a definite must.

How will we deal with disagreements? How will we resolve conflicts? 

So two people cohabitating for the first time can be challenging. This can lead to conflicts sparking up and quarrels to brew. Having an understanding of how you will deal with a problem when both of you have different opinions is of extreme importance.

What is a dealbreaker for you? 

You need to know the things that would make your partner go ‘nope, I’m done.’ You both need to be vocal about the issues or habits or attitudes that you cannot tolerate. It is better to know from the start than to be surprised or caught off guard later on.

What religious practices do you value? 

Religion is a topic that must be discussed before tying the knot. You need to understand your partner’s priorities when it comes to religious practices and to see whether you both have similar beliefs or not.

What will happen if one of us has to work abroad? Will we move together or how will we make it work?

This is one vital question because, in today’s world, this issue will likely be brought up at some point. It will be a relief to know from the start how you both see relocating and whether it is an option for both of you or not.

How often do we plan on seeing our friends together and individually? How will we keep up with our social circle after marriage?

How do you both feel about each other’s friends and how do you both plan on staying close to your social circles? This might seem like a simple area to tackle, but it is absolutely essential to get a clear understanding of how you both prioritize your relationships with your friends.