The new year usually comes with a burst of motivation and positivity to become a better you, and taking advantage of this feel-good feeling could really be the key to a happier and healthier you, if you follow through with it. Choose one, two, or all ten and make a promise to yourself to make it work in 2018.

Don’t wait until spring for spring cleaning this year! Removing clutter from your life can come in so many forms and benefit you in so many ways, not just in the space of your home but in the perspective of your life. Where have you been and where are you heading? Your belongings and clutter say a lot about that, and your mindset. If you’re looking to start fresh and create new trends for yourself, check out this best-selling book to break it down and set you on your new, unburdened path.

No Coffee January
January is a good month for detoxing any bad habits you might have picked up throughout the previous year. If you find you really can’t function without your morning coffee anymore, then going coffee-free for January will help you lessen the caffeine load on your system and put things back into perspective. Read more about how you can give up caffeine here.

Stop Counting Calories
Instead of obsessing over every calorie that goes into your mouth, practice mindful eating instead. Abandon the idea that 100 calories here is the same as 100 there. A bag of M&M’s and a bag of nuts are not created equal, and though their calorie number may be the same they affect your health and nutrition much differently. Rather than focus on numbers, resolve to increase the quality of food you choose. Read more on calorie counting here.

A Salad a Day
You’ve heard that an apple a day will keep the doctor away, but what’s even healthier is making salads a staple in your diet. If your resolution involves eating healthier already, committing to a salad for one of your daily meals is the easiest way to achieve it. There’s no reason 2016 shouldn’t be the year you step up and take better care of your body. To get started, try this simple recipe.

Love What You Do, Until You Do What You Love
There is nothing more liberating than leaving a job you don’t enjoy and working on your real talents, goals and ambitions. But sometimes reality puts a hold on our dreams. Make a plan of action to pursue your passions, even if it means doing it on the side of your 9-5 to start with. If you are stuck at a job you hate, this is your chance to put your foot down and say enough. The truth is, the right time will never come, so you need to make it; 2016 can be the year to find you.

Take More Time For Yourself
Even if you do love your job, taking time off is something we all need. Just a few days and you will come back with a fresher, more positive mindset and can-do attitude. Remember, you need to unwind every so often in order to be able to give it your all. So, even if your schedule feels packed pencil in that mani-pedi or set time for a long, hot bath. Rest really does boost productivity in the end!

Get More Quality Sleep
We already mentioned waking up early, but that in no way means depriving yourself or not getting enough sleep. Sleep is all about quality over quantity, and it has been proven time and time again that a goodnight’s sleep is an integral part of our overall health and wellbeing. Start off by reading our tips on getting a goodnight’s sleep, and take it from there.

Read More
‘A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies’, said George R.R. Martin. Reading a good book will educate you, inspire you, and mentally stimulate your brain. It’s also a great way to spend quality time with yourself and decompress. Make this resolution and each time you find yourself heading to the TV or computer to kill some time, pick up a good book instead. You can find some of our favorites to curl up with here.

Travel More
If there was ever a foolproof way of enjoying life and appreciating everything more, it would be to travel more. We’re talking life-changing journeys to somewhere out of your comfort zone. Dying to take a culinary tour of Italy, try surfing in Australia or see the peaks of the Himalayas from Nepal? Make your dream trip more financially reachable and rewarding by staying in a cheaper, local spot, or by using Airbnb. Short term renting can save tons of money on food and extra expenses that you can use on experiences instead of things. Start planning now and go on at least one trip in 2016 where you get to experience a new culture, eat new food, and meet new people.