When I was pregnant for the very first time, unlike most women, I didn’t suffer much from morning sickness or loss of appetite; instead, I was overwhelmed by the idea of being responsible for another person’s life. I had no idea what I was GETTING INTO. I started daydreaming about the kind of person he will turn out to be, what he will think of me, and what our relationship is going to be like. Is he going to grow up feeling grateful for me? Or am I going to become a thing in his life that he needs to overcome?

These questions consumed me for an awful lot of time until one day I was looking at my baby, it dawned on me that I already had all the answers. I realized that the story begins with me.

Swept off by this revelation, I started educating myself about positive parenting to learn the needed skills to make sure my little bundle of joy, this fine creation that I called my son, would walk into this life, feeling happy and well-prepared. Knowledge gave me power, and only then was I ready to embrace parenting gracefully and confidently.

Here are 10 reasons why I chose Positive Parenting:


1. Positive Parenting Creates Compassionate Children

Compassionate children do not have to be threatened to follow rules. They spontaneously act and make decisions with an open heart. They do not lie or cheat because they don’t want to, not just because it is against the rules.

2. It Creates Confident Leaders

 Confident children are capable of creating their own destiny. They do not passively follow in the footsteps of others before them and have a high sense of awareness of who they are and what they want to be. They are NOT easily swayed by peer pressure, nor do they feel the need to rebel, even in their teenage years.

3. It Teaches Delayed Gratification

 Traditional parenting styles gave parents no choice but to feel responsible for responding to every whim our children have. Positive parenting teaches the parents that children cannot develop patience or learn to delay gratification if everything comes their way when they want it. Not interfering and teaching children alternative ways to get what they want is a real-life lesson.

4. It Teaches Persistence

 We all hate to see our children suffer from anything. We feel it is our job to make their lives easier but they cannot develop persistence and strength if everything is easy. Few things need to stand as obstacles and challenges in their way. Helping your child walk through and face those challenges will create a child who does not quit whenever the going gets tough.

5. Positive Parenting Teaches Creativity

 Helping your child with his math homework is one thing, and helping him in things he should be doing for himself is another. Children cannot learn to be creative if everything is done for them. They need to be given space to finish certain tasks independently, even if the parent knows they will not get it right.

 6. It Encourages Acceptance

 Even though we try not to show it, hear it or sometimes even believe it, we all have flaws. A successful person is one who is well-aware of his own imperfections and accepts himself for who he truly is. One way to teach children this important lesson is by showing them that no one is perfect, but they are all still accepted.

 7. It Instills Forgiveness

 Children cannot learn to be forgiving unless there is someone to forgive. And this will be instilled when mistakes happen. Mistakes are wonderful opportunities for learning and growing. When children make mistakes they will feel that there is something wrong with them, until an adult comes in and explain that mistakes are a part of this life and they require forgiveness if we were to learn from them and move forward.

8. It Teaches Self-Esteem

 Healthy pride and self-esteem are traits of highly successful people who are achievers in this life. Most successful people have faced some kind of adversity and obstacles along the way. Dealing with every obstacle and eventually overcoming it has enriched their self-esteem in ways necessary to continue succeeding in this life.

 9. Positive Parenting Inspires Self-Direction

 Children cannot be self-directed unless they have opportunities to resist authority and/or not get what they want. A resisting child can be a frightening image to most parents. But the reality is parents do need their children to resist their authority if they were to ever have an inner voice that tells them where they need to go, how they want to be and what to expect from the world.

10. My Father’s Regrets

 On his deathbed, my father realized that he had so much love for my sister and me in his heart that he was never able to convey or live out. And even though we reconciled before he passed away, he and I shared thoughts of how different our lives would have been, had he been taught how to show us more of his love and taught us more life skills.

He is my 10th reason why I chose Positive Parenting because I did not want to regret anything, I do not want any parent to have to regret anything. I do not want any children to have to overcome their childhood. Putting the Positive Parenting skills into practice can help you be the parent you really want to be to create the happiness that every child deserves. It has made a real difference in my life and it can do the same for you.