Self-care is so very important; it truly is the foundation of a life well-lived. So take just a second to choose at least one of the things mentioned below to try this week as part of a renewed commitment to caring for yourself, and by extension, your loved ones and those around you. You deserve it!

Some Ideas for practicing self-care:-

Journaling: Spend 5 – 15 minutes every morning freewriting what’s on your mind and set your intentions for the day


Morning meditation: Start with 1 minute and work your way up. Try it you might love it!


Regular exercise: Exercise is definitely a form of self-care. Find an exercise that is truly enjoyable, invigorating and relaxing for you.


Massage: Make an appointment with your favorite masseuse and if you don’t have one, get one, they’re worth it!


Bath: One of my absolute favorites I must admit. Just add some Epsom salt, Essential oils and just soak your troubles away. Make sure you drink water before and after your bath! It’s very important to avoid dehydration that can occur if you’re in a tub with hot water for some time.


Hot Towel Scrub: Dip a washcloth in hot water, wring it out and scrub your body firmly in gentle circles. Always make circles towards your heart and be careful around sensitive areas.


Dry Brushing: With natural bristle brush start at your feet and brush dry skin in quick upward motions. This greatly improves circulation and drains lymphatic fluid (the root of water retention)


Oil Massage:  Before your shower massage your entire body with coconut oil to protect your skin from the drying and draining effects of water.


Pampering: Schedule manicures, pedicures, hair appointments, facials or whatever activity you enjoy, it could be scheduling a coffee with a friend even.


Closet Purging: Donate or lend out the clothes you haven’t worn in the past year or that don’t make you feel great anymore. You should open your closet to clothes that make you feel amazing.


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