It is true that our lives have become more stressful by the day. The fast-paced technology reliant life we live nowadays is definitely a big factor why we are all bombarded every day with stress, in the form of messages from work, notifications from all the different apps we have on our phones telling us to buy or subscribe or spend money. Stress truly accompanies us wherever we go, and even if you go to a meditation class once or twice a week it won’t be enough to cope with the sheer amount of stress we face daily. It’s not always easy to find the time to slow down,  that’s why dedicating physical space to meditation can help open up mental space too.

We took it upon us as The Daily Crisp to do something about it and we came up with this insane (but doable) idea of creating our very own meditation corner at work, which you can easily recreate at your space. With a few easy steps, you can turn any corner in your room into a spot for meditation and reflection.

This way, no matter what the day throws at you, you know that when you go home you’ll have your own escape from it all just waiting for you to light up a candle, get comfortable and meditate your stress away. The best part about all of this, is that every single essential item in our meditation corner is EGYPTIAN MADE, all from local brands found right here in our beloved country, so no need to import anything.

With the help of interior designer, Hana Hegazy, we were able to style our meditation corner with all the right aesthetics.  Here’s where you can get all you need for a more peaceful calmer home:

Photoshoot by: Studio107

Seating Meditation Pillow from Naseej Fabrics


Egyptian handmade fabric that is made with love is the perfect seating area for you to sit comfortably while you meditate because the floor is a little unforgiving, especially in longer meditation sessions. There are so many prints to choose from in Naseej, and they come up with new designs every season so whatever your vibe is, you’ll find something to suit your taste, so your corner represents you in the best way


Rug From Bijar

Fitting with our grounding theme, we had to have a handmade rug that will feel soft underneath your feet. You enter your meditation corner, take off your shoes (and symbolically take off your worries) and step onto this soft rug signaling your body that it is time to quiet down, unwind and leave all your burdens outside because now is time to relax and


Crystals from Metanoia Tool Box

What is a meditation corner without crystals to help you harness the ability to clear your head and help heal your mind body and soul in a stress-free environment!! We’ve included a customized mala from Metanoia made especially for us and you can have yours as well if you just ask them for a custom order. They even gives you a guide on how to cleanse your crystals, how to program them and what each one does. This specific mala that we used is made with a variety of Healing Crystals, that offer their vibrations as you wear, or hold your Mala. It includes Ocean Jasper, Moss Agate, Howlite, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst. This Mala encourages you to go deep within yourself, offering a deep connection with Highest Self, Earth, & allowing you to Face your Shadows with Understanding, Acceptance and Unconditional Love.


Plants from Mashtal

When it comes to meditating, Mother Nature knows exactly how to help us ground our spirit and quiet our ego, that’s why we’ve used an array of plants and foliage that would fit perfectly in any meditative space. Just seeing the plants in your space is a great way to infuse nature, balance, and harmony into your home and make you feel like a wandering fairy spirit in the woods, carefree and wild in spirit and soul.


Dream Catcher from Psycloid

Dreamcatchers have always been known for their protective qualities, and just like every space, this one needs to be decorated according to its needs, and a meditative corner definitely needs something to protect it from bad thoughts, dreams and any negativity hanging around you as you meditate. This locally made dreamcatcher is perfect for just that, hang it in your space and rest assure it will be protected from all negative energy.


Candles from Maison Marie

Most people don’t know the healing power of burning a candle, it’s more than just a mood setter, it helps you focus your energy into the desired frequency you’d like to amplify, that’s why it’s a good rule of thumb to always burn candles for a certain purpose only and not to use them for any other purpose so as not to disrupt the energy being released around them, also make sure you burn these nowhere close to curtain, not for any “spiritual” reason, just a “we don’t want you to burn your house down” reason. Best thing about these particle candles is that they are scented and boy do they help your room smell amazing! We chose Lavendar for our meditation corner, because its renouned for it’s use in aromatherapy and its benefits when it comes to bringing calm into our hectic lives.


A Macrame Hanger From MamaBear

Having something that’s hanging that is completely 100% handmade fills your space with love and joy, just knowing that someone handmade this item just for you with all the love they can muster. This not only ties your entire meditation corner together making it feel finished and polished (and it’s quite easy on the eyes as well), the fabric will catch the scent of whatever essential oil you’re burning so it will help make the room always smell like lavender (or your favorite essential oil blend). So this masterpiece is eye candy and soul candy as well!!


Diffuser + Essential Oils 

Speaking of lavender, burning essential oils is the perfect thing to clear out any negative energy lingering around you right before you start your session. If lavender isn’t your favorite scent to burn you can choose ylang ylang, orange blossom or even rose essential oil, each giving off a different vibe for a different intention for your meditation session Just add a few drops into your oil burner and almost immediately your senses will be thankful for its insanely soothing effect.


A Mug + Herbal Tea

A good tea blend is not only great for your body, there’s something about the scent and taste of a good herbal tea blend that is not only good for the body but for the soul as well. You can sip it in your awesome new mug to help signal your body that it’s ready for meditation before your session, or as a good way to end your day after meditating, and right before sleep. It doesn’t hurt to use a mug with an inspirational message as well


Holistic Technology

Your phone doesn’t need to be just your gateway to emails, phone calls, and endless Instagram news feed (or your biggest source . It can be your gateway to a more serene calm and peaceful mind if you use the right apps. To get you started in the meditative scene, you can use the app Headspace, to start a 10-day easy meditative session that will be great for you if you’ve never done this before. You also have the app “Calm” that not only has great meditative sessions for beginners and more advanced practitioners, it has wonderful calming sounds that you can play along your day if you’re feeling stressed or overworked. It has fun ways to stay mindful along the day, it’s a personal favorite of ours here at TDC.


Now, you have everything you need to create your own meditation space at home, to inspire you even more, the picture you see above is how we created this serene meditation space in our own office here at The Daily Crisp, and it’s all thanks to the brilliant Hana Hegazy, Interior Designer, who helped us turn our meditation corner into the unbelievable oasis you see before you.

We really hope this inspires you to start assessing your home for the perfect corner or small unused room that could be turned into a meditation space where you can unwind, destress, and completely leave all your life’s worries behind you. Let’s all make our homes a tiny bit more perfect than they already are and add this space to help us all be a bit calmer, and bit less stressed out.


Happy Meditating <3