The traffic jams and crowded streets may sometimes make us forget the true beauty of the country we live in. The sight of 6th of October bridge midweek in the afternoon itself might make us huff and puff in annoyance. The following talented photographers, however, have managed to capture the most mesmerizing shots to remind us of the picturesque gem Egypt truly is.

Nihal Sherief – Aswan:


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The minimalistic shot shows just how gorgeously the Nile contrasts with the surrounding colour scheme.

Noor Anbar – St. Catherine:


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Captured with perfect lighting, this picture truly reflects the beauty of one of Egypt’s most famous mountains.

Omar Refaat – North Coast:


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This shot truly makes us nostalgic for the hot summer days by the beach. The editing just makes the natural colors pop!

Islam Sherief – The Black Desert:


No, this isn’t Mars, this is Egypt’s Black Desert and it is absolutely breathtaking.

Amina Kadous – New Valley, Western Desert:


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This has just become our favourite new yoga spot. That is one view worth waking up early for!

Kenzie Kashmiri – Gitfun Island/Mahmeya, Hurghada:


All the shades of blue that make us wish it was summer again and we were anywhere but the capital!

Mohamed El Maandi – Siwa Oasis:



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Siwa truly has some of the world’s most awe-inducing dunes the whole world and El Maandi captured them beautifully.

Rafik Yonathan – Sidi Heneish:



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Not your average beach shot. Cannnn the water get any purer?

Amina Abdelwahab – Cairo Citadel :


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The beautiful Islamic architecture has truly been well captured by Amina. Everything about this shot screams artistic minimalism.

Ahmed Diae – The Pyramids of Giza: 


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The gorgeous sunset sky hues and the brilliant symmetry are just amazing. This is a winner shot!