Fatma Abd Alsalam, in a short satirical video, shows us the 10 types of men that women are better off without. Abd Alsalam shows a quick snippet of each type, highlighting exactly why you should run as far as you can from these types of men. The extent to which her representation of each type of man is accurate will actually open your eyes to some of the emotional mistreatment that women suffer from. You’ve probably seen, heard of or even been with one of these types of men…


1. The Possessive One
“You’re mine, no one else’s. You belong to me”

2. The Liar

“I promise you there’s nothing going on between me and her! I must’ve received this text by mistake”

3. The One Who Always Has A Way Of Getting Out Of An Argument

“Your way of answering lost you your right to get an answer out of me. I won’t answer your question.”

4.The One Who Always Turns Tables And Blames You For Everything

“It’s not my fault, you stopped taking care of yourself, you stopped giving me attention, you stopped…you stopped…”

5. The One Who Has A Wandering Eye

“I wasn’t looking at her, are you delusional?”

6. The Obnoxious One

“I wish your body looked more like that.”

7. The Mysterious One

“This is how I am, I don’t like any one to touch my phone.”
*vague responses to everything*

8. The Over-Manly Man, also known as si-sayed

“That’s how things are, I am the man. Don’t raise your voice, I am the man. I do whatever I want, I am the man.”

9. The One Who Always Brings You Down

“What is the importance of your work anyway? I am the one who spends and cares for this family.”

10. The One Who Disrespects You
He will usually have the 9 traits mentioned above.


The only reason men continue to stay this way? Because some women let them get away with these awful traits!

Women everywhere need to stop allowing men treat them in any of the above-mentioned ways. No, it is not unrealistic to find a man who doesn’t have one of these awful traits. They exist.


Watch And Alsalam’s satirical representation of these 10 types of men below: