Too often we go to weddings that are beautifully set up but lack one major aspect, they do not reflect the personality and personal style of the bride and groom to be. Whether the wedding of your dreams involves a 500 person guest list and a dance until you drop celebration or a simple intimate reception with only the people closest to your heart, we have some tips for you to personalize your wedding without you having to spend your life savings on it. Remember, at the end of the day, it’s all about making memories that will last you a lifetime and celebrating the beginning of a new journey with your life partner.

Hanging Polaroid Guestbook
polaroid guestbookA Polaroid camera that you can use for years after the wedding, a piece of string, a pen and some wooden clips is all you need to bring this Polaroid guestbook to life. Capture your guest’s feelings at your wedding by pictures and text. This is something you will cherish for years onwards.

Handwritten Place Cards
rosemary place cardsIt is important to make your guests feel wanted at your wedding, and having place cards will also make everything more organized and prevent chaos. You may call us crazy, but you can make some super cute place cards with rosemary and just a little string. These handwritten place cards look much more expensive than they are. Get the step by step instructions here.

Ribbon Napkins
ribbon napkin
A simple velvet or satin ribbon to wrap your napkin with can transform the feel of your dinner tables at your wedding. Easily customizable colors, textures and details will personalize place settings to reflect exactly who you are.

Candle Centerpieces
candle centrepieces
If floral centerpieces do not agree with your budget or you’re not a fan of an extra floral look, candle centerpieces are much more affordable and give weddings a magical feel. Experiment with different shapes and colors of candles to find the ones that suit your taste the best.

Light Bites Instead of Sit Down Meal
wedding canapes
Replacing a sit down meal with canapés and light bites as the wedding meal means will save you a lot of money and means there is more time to dance! Everyone has different tastes and this gives you a chance to experiment with that by breaking away from same old same buffet table or formal plated dinners. Your guests didn’t come for the food anyway.

Unique and Warm Wedding Favors
wedding favours DIY
Ever thought about giving your guests homemade cookies as your wedding favors? This takeaway gift is thoughtful, made with love, and won’t cost a lot.

Glitter Dipped Balloons
gold glitter balloons
Everyone loves balloons, so add some gold brush strokes or glitter and you have an affordable wedding decoration that looks impressive and creates a fun vibe to the wedding. Get the step by step instructions here.

Ditch the Extravagant Wedding Cake
simple wedding cake
Who said you have to have a five-tiered wedding cake that doesn’t taste good and goes to waste after your wedding anyway? No one. A simply decorated wedding cake is a great way of saving money and can look just as pretty, without the waste. It will also give you more flexibility on what kind of cake you want to have. If you’re planning a larger wedding, you can serve guests their slice from other cakes created in the style or flavor you want, instead of cutting up a multi-tiered cake that tastes like cardboard.

Sparkler Send Off
sparkler send off
A great way to add shine to your wedding is by giving each of your guests a sparkler to light at your send off. Wedding sparklers are cheap, easy to find and everyone loves to feel like a child again. Not to mention the spectacular photos you’ll get out of it!

Have Fun!
have fun
Regardless of how much money you have or haven’t spent on your wedding, nothing will make you and your guests enjoy it more than losing yourself to some good music and dancing the night (or morning) away. Be silly, make endless memories, and enjoy all the perfectly imperfect moments.