What is so magical about green veggies anyway? For starters, green leafy vegetables are the richest sources of vitamin K, a vitamin crucial for preventing age-related diseases, promoting healthy bones and efficient blood clotting. Greens are also high in B vitamins, which help us to recruit fuel from food more efficiently and generally feel more energetic. Still not convinced? Green leafy vegetables are great non-dairy sources of calcium and have unrivaled phytochemical and antioxidant levels. So, how do you get enough greens into your diet without having boring salads for every meal? We have 10 easy ways to eat more greens and love it.

Check out our green’s guide for a breakdown of the different green vegetables and their specific benefit.

Drink Your Greens
One of the most efficient ways of getting large amounts of green vegetables into your diet is by juicing/smoothing them. Doing so will benefit your digestion, skin condition, and every other aspect of your health. Try out our beginner recipe here.

Secret Green Smoothie
If your are put off by the green colored of many green infused smoothies, just add a handful of blueberries or blackberries to the mix while blending The strong purple color of the blueberries will completely mask the color and taste of the green veggies, not to mention berries have a whole load of health benefits themselves.

 Add to Pasta
Adding greens such as spinach, broccoli, or arugula to your meals will make your meal much healthier but also balance out creamy pasta flavors and make your traditional dish much more interesting. Opt for wholegrain pasta when possible for a completely nutritious plate.

Make a Bread-Free Green’s Sandwich
Using collard greens as a replacement for bread is a great way of saving yourself some calories and increasing your green’s intake. Talk about a nutrient-dense sandwich!

Homemade PestossdasdaForget store-bought jars of pesto sauce, it is time to make your own out of fresh greens and nuts. Once you have made your own, you can add it to toast, pasta, chicken, or whatever else appeals to your taste buds. Find the recipe here.

Upgrade Your ColeslawsddasdasccccColeslaw? More like kale-slaw. This simple, healthy twist will benefit your body much more than traditional coleslaw and will leave you feeling lighter. Try it out here.

Add to OmelettessddNext time you are making an omelette, make sure to mix in 1 cup spinach to the mixture. By the time your eggs are cooked, the spinach will be wilted and won’t mask the taste of any of the other ingredients in the omelette.

Stews and SoupsssssJust like with an egg omelette, you can easily add chopped greens to any one-pot meal you’re making. Greens can also be blended into soup bases, which enhances your meal’s vitamin content and improves the absorption of healthy compounds into your body too.


Whether you are making a burger or kofta out of beans or beef, you can add some chopped spinach, zucchini, or arugula to the mixture as well. It might not amount to a huge portion of greens, but any time you can you should add more greens to a dish, and these small changes amount to big results in the end.

 Fun Saladslll

Salads are not the only way you can eat greens, but we must admit they are a great way. The thing is, they don’t have to and shouldn’t be boring. Experiment with different salad dressings to keep things interesting and try adding seeds, colorful veggies, and nuts to improve the taste and textures of your salads. Find out how to transform your salad into a fun and delicious meal here.