If you have a medicine cabinet, chances are there is Vaseline somewhere in there. Vaseline has been around for a very long time and has made its way to become a household staple. Which raises the question, what do people use Vaseline for? As lovers of this versatile product, we decided to share with you 10 unique ways, from home care to skin care, that you can use Vaseline!

Beauty Hacks

Eyelash Glue Remover
If you struggle to remove fake eyelashes, try rubbing some Vaseline onto the lashes with your fingers. This will ease the process and prevent you from accidentally plucking out any of your real lashes!

If you’re looking to get a natural looking glow without adding makeup on, Vaseline is your new best friend. Instead of using a highlighter, dab some Vaseline onto your cheekbones and your brow bones for a natural looking glow.

Remove Gum From Hair
Having gum stuck in your hair usually means having to cut your hair. Instead, try applying Vaseline onto the gum and the hair around it to slide the gum out and avoid having to cut the gum out.

Make Creamy Eyeshadow
Mix your powder eyeshadow with some Vaseline to create a creamy and easy-to-apply cream eyeshadow!


Skin Care Hacks

Dry Feet & Cracked Heels
Vaseline is probably the best remedy for when your feet feel like they haven’t seen moisturizer in years. Simply rub Vaseline onto your feet before you go into bed at night. Cover your feet with socks and you’ll instantly have softer feet in the morning.

Dry Nose
When you have a cold and your nose becomes dry from all the sniffing and nose blowing, apply some Vaseline to the tips of your nose to help calm the skin and heal the cracks.

Cuticle Care
Instead of trying to find the perfect oils or nail care treatment for dry cuticles, just rub some Vaseline onto your nails (and hands too!) for a visibly softer skin. Split Ends If you struggle from having very apparent split ends, Vaseline is your one-stop to hide them. Use a very small amount of Vaseline on your split ends to tame them and make them appear soft.


Home Hacks

Remove Table Scratches
Vaseline can also be used around the house to remove scratches from any wooden surface. Add a coat of Vaseline onto the scratches and leave for 24 hours.

Polish Shoes
Vaseline can also be used to polish leather shoes (and bags!) to give them a nice glow that makes them look as good as new.


Photo credit: @vaselineID