Nothing can make your body feel as free and refreshed as a yoga flow- yep, it’s true. Yoga is not only a great workout, but it’s also an amazing spiritual practice that can help you really get in tune with your body. We have come across some super inspirational yogis on the ‘gram and they definitely add some much needed #fitspo to our timelines.

Hannah Taha:

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What better than mixing mind-blowing yoga poses with picturesque views? This yogi has managed to beautifully combine yoga inspo with travel blogging and we’re living for it.


Aminah Taha:

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This mamma-to-be makes it all look so easy. Grace is the word we’d use to describe her posts.


Khaled Monib:

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He mixes crossfit with yoga and comes up with the strongest poses there are- major fitspo here!

Diala Jammaleldin:

She knows how to push her to do magnificent things and has inspired us to push ourselves a little more in our yoga flows.

Farah Nofal:

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The amazing crossfitter-turned-yogi is traveling the world to perfect her yoga knowledge and taking us along with her on the ride through her posts.

Ali El Alfi:

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Anyone who’s following the yoga scene in Egypt definitely know this awe-inspiring yogi- you can truly feel the positivity radiating from his posts.

Nina Kabbany:


If outdoor yoga is your thing, then Nina’s posts are definitely up your alley- we love how she uses the outdoors to create the perfect mind-freeing environment.



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She knows how to practice yoga with the right form- Excuse us while we try to recreate them!

Ohoud Saad:


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Couple’s yoga, travel photography and all-around feel good vibes are this yogi’s specialty.

Farida Abou El Dahab:


This entrepreneurial yogi is one of our favourite girl bosses out there- her yoga poses are literally flawless!