To all mummies to-be, get ready to embrace your baby bump. Whoever said pregnant women can’t look fashionable is wrong! You‘re probably thinking, ‘When should I start shopping for my maternity wardrobe and how much will I be spending?’. Relax dear, you don’t need to rob a bank. Besides, who wants to splurge on a closet that will only last about 6 months?

Women’s bodies respond differently to pregnancy; some women can pull off their regular pants at 16 weeks, and others can’t stand them at 6 weeks. Here are some signs to tell you when you should start shopping for your maternity wardrobe:

  • Your bump starts to show
  • Your undergarments don’t feel as comfy as before, meaning that your panties are leaving marks on your body and your breasts are bulging out over the top, sides, or bottom of your bra cups
  • Your regular pants start to hurt your stomach when you sit

If you suffer from all the above symptoms then here’s a list of the eleven maternity must-haves to get you through the rest of your pregnancy.

1. Belly Band

1 a belly bandTransform your favorite pants to maternity friendly pants! It hides your undergarments, while allowing you to breathe a little easier in your normal pants. Just unbutton and unzip to your comfort level and place the belly band over to hide it. Basically, it’s a genius item to extend the life of your regular pants when your belly starts getting in the way.

2. Jersey Dress

2 jersey dressThis essential can work for day with comfy sneakers and a denim shirt. Or, dress it up for night with heels and chunky accessories.

3. Comfortable Cotton Tee

3 comfy cotton teeT-shirts work with almost everything. Load up with all your favorite colors and different necklines to stay versatile and comfortable.

4. Long Tunic

4 long tunicThese tops very comfortable during pregnancy, as they come in flowy and loose fabrics, and are long enough to wear with leggings or a pair of jeans. You can always opt for a non-maternity version by simply going up a size from your normal size.

5. Maternity Jeans

5 pair of maternity jeansSimply a must-have item, as they come in versatile cuts and colors. Jeans can be dressed up or down, but most importantly go for stretchy types they are soft and comfortable for your growing belly.

6. Black Stretchy Pants

6 black stretchy pantsYou can sport this basic at the gym, to the mall, underneath your tunic or with your cotton tee. They go with any and every thing.

7. Bump Friendly Cardigan

7 a bump friendly cardiganThis is especially important if you’re pregnant during the winter months, and don’t want to have to splurge on a larger coat. It’s a basic that can complement any outfit while keeping you comfortable and warm, and can also be worn with your jersey dress for a more styled, chic look.

8. Maternity Undergarments

8 Maternity UndergarmentsThese are necessary pieces for your breasts, back and belly. Accept that you will definitely have to purchase new panties, bras and support pieces to get you through your pregnancy, and be sure to look for the most comfortable and functional ones you can find.

9. Comfortable Sneakers and Flats

9 Comfy SneakersSome women’s feet expand during pregnancy and that’s totally normal. Don’t fight it if you find your regular size is pinching your feet or toes. Get a new pair of sneaker or flat that are very comfortable and turn your outfit to sporty chic, whether worn with dresses, pants or skirts.

10. Pencil Skirts

10 pencil skirtsWhether you need to look professional or you’re in need of some warm weather pregnancy essentials, ditch the pants and opt for a smart casual maternity look with a pencil skirt to show off your cute bump. The generally high-wasted cut of a pencil skirt naturally accommodates for your bump, while still giving your legs some coverage.

11. Spanx

SpanxMaternityWedding season is pretty much year-round in Egypt, and maternity Spanx can help you wear that amazing dress and still look flawless, baby bump and all! They offer maternity shorts and also maternity stocking versions, to help hold everything extra you may have acquired along with your belly (think love handles or larger hips/thighs) in place.