You know that friend of yours who no matter how sweaty they get on the hottest most grueling summer days they still smell like a fresh patch of roses. Well, if you ever wanted to be that friend that everyone secretly envies for their naturally breathtaking body odor, the Universe heard you. We’ve combined for you the best 10 tips to ensure you’re always smelling your best!


1. It’s not just what you’re putting on your body, it’s what’s going in your body as well


Your diet actually plays an integral role in the odor that’s coming off of your body. Eating strong-smelling foods like onions, garlic and anything filled with spices might be good for your body but not so great for your aroma. These kinds of smelly foods will remain in your system and go seep through your pores for up to 48 hours. So if you have an upcoming event that you’d rather not smell like a gym sock for I’d skip on the onion rings at lunch at least two days before. If you want to smell fresh, then fill your tummy with fresh food, lots of vegetables and fruit will surely keep you smelling, well, fresh.


2. Buy perfume like you buy clothes


When you first pick out an item of clothing that strikes your fancy, you don’t just put it up against you in the mirror and buy it right there (or at least I don’t). You try it out properly in the fitting room, imagine how well it would go with your current wardrobe at home and then after some mulling over, you decide it’s the right piece for you.

The same has to go with buying perfume, you can’t decide just by sniffing the sample paper they give you. You have to wear it on your actual skin, and then go home. Spray it somewhere you won’t wash right away so you can see how it reacts with your skin because fragrances actually change on each individual’s skin and they continue changing along the day. What you eat can even change how your skin reacts to a fragrance (more reasons to look away from those onion rings), so wait till late at night to see how it smells on your skin and then decide if it’s the one for you.


3. Staying hydrated is key!


Just another reason to fill up that cute water bottle of yours and sip on it all day. Keeping your body well hydrated means your skin will be sufficiently moisturized which will give the fragrances you spray on it something to adhere to. This means the scents you wear will last way longer on your skin if it’s not all dry and flaky.


4. Boost your “Shower Game” with the right shower gel

It’s no secret that showering is the go-to method for keeping yourself smelling fresh all the time, but some showering games are stronger than others. Make your shower count even more by using a great smelling shower gel like the Lux Shower Gel line that has a world of floral fusion of oils that will last all day long on your skin. This is a great base for when you want to layer your scents so you can be smelling your best all day long.


5. Layering isn’t just for clothes

You can layer your scents just like you layer your clothes. Layering will ensure the scent really seeps into your skin so you’re smelling good right to your core. Pick a scent that goes well with your body chemistry (you do that by following step 2) and try to get a strongly scented shower gel like Lux shower gels, body lotion and body spray that compliment it. You can even use a scented soap bar that will make your hands silky soft while keeping them smelling wonderful. So even the simple act of washing your hands will leave you with a lingering fresh scent.

Applying a body lotion post-shower will seal those lovely fragrances on your skin. Top it off with body spray if you’re staying at home, or your favorite perfume if you’re going out and you’ve got yourself a sweet recipe for sweet scent success!


6. Location, location location


Where you apply your perfume to your body is of utmost importance if you want the scent to linger on throughout the day. Perfume rises from the bottom to the top, so if you spray your ankles, behind your knees, the inside of your elbows and behind your ears, you would have hit all your “Hot Spots” or “Pulse Points and got the most out of your fragrance. These points are the ones that give off heat the most on your body, so when you’re up close and personal with someone your body heat will release the fragrance further giving those around you a pleasant whiff of your natural aroma. Just make sure you spray your perfume at least 30 mins before you leave and everyone riding with you in the car will be thankful for it.



7. Don’t just spray your body with perfume, spray your life


This might seem extreme but hear me out. Don’t you think that those lovely smelling friends of yours also live in homes that smell incredible?! Of course, they do because if you want to smell great, everything around you has to smell great as well. So, invest in bedsheet sprays (or make your own), or just spray your bed with your favorite perfume. Don’t stop there, spray your living room couch, and your favorite bathrobe as well.

Have freshly scented sachets in your wardrobe and in your undergarments drawers to keep your clothes fresh after you’ve washed them with ( you guessed it ) nice smelling detergent and fabric softener. As a cherry on top of the cake, have a diffuser with a natural essential oils burning at your home, or a candle so even when you come home you are welcomed with a wonderful scented space.


Note: Never keep a diffuser or a candle burning when you’re not at home, its a major safety and fire hazard, especially if you have pets.


8.Banish smelly feet by keeping your shoes clean and fresh


You can do all of the above and have the freshest smelling clothes on the freshest scented body and ruin it all just by slipping into unclean shoes that weren’t properly rid of sweat and grime. You have to make sure your shoes are cleaned of sweat and street dirt, every time you take them off at home. To make sure your shoes don’t stink up all your “sweet smelling” efforts carry with you a small foot/shoe spray that you can use to discreetly freshen up during the day.


9. Not all perfume is created equally


If we’re going to get technical, perfume is made of three layers of notes, a top, a middle and a base note. If your ultimate goal is a perfume that lasts for forever and then some, then you need to be picky with your selection’s base notes. Eau de Colognes and Citrus-based scents tend to not last so long, so you ought to opt for something with a heavier base note as Vanilla, Oud, or Sandalwood. Depending on your body and what notes it thrives on, pick and choose your fragrance base note carefully to ensure true long lasting effect.



10. There’s no way to sugar coat this, but bad breath is a deal breaker


You could be brushing your teeth on a daily basis, use mouthwash and even flossing regularly and still get bad breath all because you’ve got a dry mouth. Unless you’re using a mouthwash that has alcohol in it, this is not your fault. Dry mouth is where your salivary glands have low flow, so they don’t produce enough saliva to naturally rinse out the bacteria in your mouth. Thankfully, this is easily fixed just by chewing gum or a fresh mint to stimulate those glands to produce more saliva and eliminate bad breath.


11. One last sweet smelling tip


Apply a little bit of Vaseline on all the areas you’ll be applying perfume (see step 5) so the fragrance sticks to it for the ultimate lasting scent. You can substitute the Vaseline for Vitamin E oil if you’d like. Either way, these two will work wonders on your scents longevity.


Now, If you follow at least half of these tips alongside the obvious ones of course like showering every day, wearing deodorant and not wearing clothes that haven’t been washed, you’re sure to be the best smelling one in your friends, day or night, all year long.

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