No matter how hard we try to tidy our places up and put everything away, occasional items manage to stray. They are the things that keep lying around, the pairs of socks that surreptitiously disappear and the items for which there really isn’t a specific place.

We decided to explore Ikea and bring you our top organizing and budget friendly essentials, and these picks are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the full-fledged solutions offered for your home decorations and organization. You won’t be surprised to know that you can find several of these items in our own homes!

Footstool with Storage (EGP 995)footstool1This multi-functional piece of furniture can be used in a variety of ways. Obviously a footstool, it’s convenient inner storage area can be used for permanent storage in any room, and also for those quick clean-ups when your in-laws call and say they’re five minutes away. It can even function as a sitting stool for kids, and the variety of colors means you can find one for any room in the house. Even more convenient?-The fabric covering is removable and machine washable! Get creative and let this piece compliment your life where it’s needed most.

Wall Paper Rack (EGP 295)

This pick will save you much needed space for papers, documents, newspapers or magazines. It’s even a great and accessible option for thinner kids’ books. Keep your home office straightened and in order, or even get that random area where paper and mail always seem to pile up clean and organized with these handy, lightweight racks.

Wooden Wall Rack (EGP 125)

The functionality and freshness of this hanging wall rack makes it a great addition for indoors or out. It can compliment your kitchen by freeing up counter or cabinet space to create a hot drinks nook, storing teas, coffee and the like, or simply a place to colorfully store dried goods. It also creates a cozy feeling to an outdoor space that needs some organization for storage or serving purposes.

Cabinet Containers

Cabinet ContainersBecause pantry clutter can’t simply be solved by moving some spices and bottles onto a smaller rack, these different containers provide another solution. They bring similar sized items together in a condensed space, with easier accessibility. Each of these containers can very easily be pulled out on its own, examined, cleaned and/or organized at your convenience. They’re available in wood, plastic and other varieties to suit your home’s decor.

Plastic Bag Holder (EGP 59)bagholderWe venture to guess that anyone reading this has a place in their home where you can find a large plastic bag stuffed full with other, smaller plastic bags. Right? While re-usable totes are the more environmentally friendly way to go, plastic bags are fairly unavoidable while running weekly errands. Let Ikea help you chicly store them all in one condensed place with this hanging plastic bag holder. Because no one wants to be reminded of your plastic bag collection, not even you.

Drawer/Wardrobe Compartments (EGP 245)

Available in different colors and sizes, these compartments help divide drawers and shelves into smaller partitions. This allows you to separate items within the same area and see everything better.  These compartments make for much better use of space than without them, and include different colors and internal storage options.


Storage Bins (under 400)

varietybinsIkea is also luckily filled with storage containers to accommodate to the adult-ier side of life. With a wide range of colors and materials, you can easily find storage bins to help you stay organized in any room. Some have tops while others are open, but with a little online pre-planning you can find the style, name and price of exactly what you’re looking for to make the decision making process much smoother.

Folding Chair and Storage Rack (EGP 595)
Kitchen and outdoor spaces are sometimes limited and many times we wish there was a chair around for conveniences sake. Ikea’s stepped up the folding chair game with their additional storage rack, to keep your chair(s) out of the way when not in use. The possibilities are endless according to your home and needs, but this little invention is something that definitely sits will with us.

Scarf Holder (EGP 99)

scarfholderTried every solution you can think of to keep your scarves in order? Ikea’s got you covered. This hanging scarf holder will be sure you not only stay organized using minimal space, but makes it much easier to see exactly what you’ve got. It’s pretty straight forward, and pretty genius.


Closet Storage (EGP 479)

It’s perfect for everything from small things in a child’s room to gloves and soft toys – in the bathroom, the hallway, the wardrobe, or on a freestanding clothes rack.

Hanging Storage (EGP 95)

Storage pockets on the sides give you even more room for small items. This simple design can has pockets on the side to make storage more comfortable and convenient. It can even be hungon the wall or hung over a rack for added stability.

Space Saving Ironing Board (EGP 195)

ironingboardironingboard1This small, storage friendly ironing board is perfect for those wardrobe quick fixes that shouldn’t require much time. Not only is it small and easily transported, but be sure to also get the wall hanger for optimum storage convenience. If you’re really crunched for space, pick up the iron wall hanger to go along with it and store this inseparable pair together.

Pay a visit and grab their catalog at Cairo Festival City, or visit their website for more information on products, prices and offers.