I can’t think of anything more relaxing after a long day than a dreamy bath. Baths are therapeutic in so many ways – from clearing your mind to curing muscle aches. Most of us will spend a lot of money on fancy bath products, but did you know that some of the most healing bath solutions come from basic products you already have? I was shocked to learn that too! I’ve heard of different milk bath recipes and of course the benefits of bath salts. But would you believe that there are healing properties linked to Jell-O baths? It’s true! Here are some more simple, everyday (and very surprising!) ingredients for your next bath.


How-To: Add one tablespoon of fresh, chopped ginger to your running bath.

Benefits: Bathing in a bath of ginger will ease sore muscles and eliminate toxins from the body.  The natural anti bacterial properties in ginger will help sweat out colds, flues, and congestion.  Adding ginger to your bath on a cold day will raise the temperature of your skin and make you feel warm and toasty.