As we start the second month of 2018, we take a deeper look at the top health and wellness trends that have dominated the scene during this past year and what trends will have made an appearance during the first few weeks of 2018. There have been many changes in both our behaviors as well as the types of businesses that have been popping up all around us. Here are the top 10 major changes that Egypt’s health scene will witness in 2018


Hair Salons Will Start Offering Natural Hair Treatments

During 2017, one of our favorite beauty trends took Egypt by storm! Awareness about going heat-free, using natural products on your hair and getting your natural curls back took Egypt by storm! Many Facebook and Instagram pages were created to help give people tips on what to buy to take care of their curls, different methods of getting the curls back which promoted another wellness trend that we saw, natural Egyptian beauty products. During 2018, more awareness of going heat-free and using clean hair products will continue to dominate in the beauty field. Egypt’s first ever hair salon dedicated to curly heads, ‘The Curly Studio‘ opened in Chez Richard Mohandseen, one of the biggest hair salons in Cairo.

Check out how the story of how Nada Akram got her curls back here 

Wellness Will Become A Lifestyle Not Just Eating Clean & Working Out

Mind-Body-Soul wellness has officially made it’s way up the priority list next to health and body wellness. People are becoming more aware of the mind-body connection and how wellness comes from a sound mind as well as a sound body. Life-coaching has been making it’s way into many people’s lives, as well as the awareness of the importance of therapy and making sure you have a well-rounded approach to wellness. 2018 will see the term ‘wellness’ grow to incorporate more than just good food and fitness.

One of the many mental wellness workshops offered at Nun Center in Zamalek


Local Natural Beauty Products Will Bloom

With the ongoing awareness of natural beauty skin and hair products, a few Egyptians seized the opportunity to create local beauty product brands to cater to this new market. From natural hair shampoos to bath bombs, the local market will continue booming with local products to help you keep up with the natural trend.

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The Rise of Functional Medicine

During 2017 one of the major shifts that the health and wellness industry witnessed was the move away from relying on medicine for every single cough and sneeze. Natural remedies have started to appear, as well as homeopathy and functional medicine, opening up a new way of looking and dealing with illness which we believe will grow more in 2018.

Photo credit: Osana Family Wellness


More Health-Conscious Stores Will Open All Over Egypt

A few years ago, it was close to impossible to find a whole store/restaurant in Cairo that was dedicated to clean, healthy and nutritious food. Over the past few years, health-conscious stores have been making their way into our lives, making it easier to start eating healthy. 2017 has seen a surge in healthy cafes and restaurants, from Be Good To You, the first all-clean eating restaurant to open in Egypt to Sea Salt Bakery, an all gluten and dairy free restaurant to salad bars and many more. Surely, in 2018 finding a health-conscious store will become easy and accessible anywhere in the city!



Detoxing For More Than Just Weight Loss

Think back two years, detoxing was a big hit for “losing weight quickly” and great when you need to fit into a dress. In 2018, more awareness will be brought to the fact that detoxing is a way of life, not a juice fast or eating apples all day. The foods you choose day in and day out play a role in how your body rids itself of toxins and detoxes itself. The products you choose to put on your face and skin also play a part in your body’s natural detoxification process by either adding chemicals to it or nourishing it. 2018 will be the year where the word detox and quick weight loss finally divorce.

Health services like Body Blocks, have already made it easier to follow a clean detox program.


Parents Will Rely More On Professional Advice 

If you ask your mother where she got her parenting advice from, more often than not the reply will be from a mother, aunt, grandmother,  the beloved “what to expect when you’re expecting” book or simply learnt as she went along. In this day and age, there has been studies and theories about the ways in which you should parent to ensure the best environment for your kids. During this year, a huge focus shift will turn towards Positive Parenting (parenting your kids in a positive away, avoiding punishing, yelling and any negative attitude towards them), led by one of TDC’s favorite parent psychologists Amina Diab.


Amina Diab, Child Psychologist during a positive parenting workshop.


Health Coaching Will Take Over The Nutrition Field

During 2017, we finally saw a huge shift away from commercial dieting ways and more towards a sustainable lifestyle. Health coaching slowly started taking over the scene, with more and more people interested in incorporating a wholesome lifestyle for themselves and their families. We couldn’t be happier that the generic diet papers that keep getting passed around are finally being thrown out. Check out our list of some of Egypt’s Health Coaches here and the 5 Reasons Why You Need A Health Coach here

Amina Rashad, Health Coach and Founder of Glow Smoothies


More Culture Centers Will Open Up

Culture spaces that adopt a whole mind-body-soul approach have been popping up all over the city and we predict that in 2018 we’ll be seeing a lot more! Places like Nun Center, Osana Family Wellness, SANE Egypt and Bardo Clubhouse offer classes in movement, art, design, yoga, meditation, Qigong, therapy, energy healing, as well as many holistic practices and treatments. With the increase of mind and body wellness awareness, the spread of places to offer more in that field are allowing for the whole holistic experience to take place.

Photo credit: Bardo Clubhouse


Vegan Protein Will Dominate The Health Market

In 2017, more awareness was brought towards veganism and the plant-based diet and a movement towards non-animal protein started taking place. In 2018, plant-based protein will take the health scene by storm as more and more people are realizing that there are more ways to get their recommended intake of protein. 2018 will see more local brands incorporate plant-based proteins in their recipes and products to cater to the health-conscious among us.


The Hulk smoothie offered at Be Good To You is made with Spirulina as a source of protein.


Healthy Bakeries & Dessert Places Will Spread Joy All Over 

If there’s one thing we love more than healthy food, its healthy desserts. This past year, we fell in love with Baked, an all-natural healthy desserts service. In 2017 alone, we saw Baked become available in various cafes and supermarkets around Cairo. Already established dessert places such as Cake Café  and new ones opening up like  Granville St offer healthy and vegan options to cater to those of us who are health conscious.

Vegan Chocolate Cookies from Cake Cafe


Almond Milk Will Be The New Skimmed Milk In Cafes & In Your Fridge

In 2017 nut-milks made a grand appearance in several cafes and supermarket, we stumbled across 5 places that you can buy Almond milk (find out where by clicking here). No matter where you are in the city you’re bound to find a place near you where you can buy local homemade almond milk for your week’s supply. In 2018, we’re predicting that locally made almond milk will become bigger and more commercial. With so many start-up brands selling almond milk already, we can’t wait until the bigger ones take over and start spreading their local nut-milks all over the city.