Today the skin and haircare market in Egypt offers a myriad of brands, all types of brands, from the international elite ones to the humble handmade ones.

Finding a product that is guaranteed to give the results we’re looking for and promptly solve our skin and hair issues can be a challenge, since most of us search to follow a sustainable lifestyle which entails buying more of the locally made and packaged produce.

Cleo Laboratories is a skin and haircare brand that merges the knowledge of French skin and hair care formulation with the Egyptian craftsmanship in providing the market with solutions through their products.

Being the 1st brand offering 100% dermatologically tested products to the Egyptian market creating a huge buzz in the world of Cairene skin and haircare.

It all started when  Cofounders of Cleo met in an elevator in London and coincidently found out they’re both Egyptians; the idea of the brand sprouted at a dinner there, and eventually came to life a couple of years later in Egypt.

Cleo launched in January 2019, with a range of only 8 products and 2 employees working from a co-working space, dispatching to only 200 pharmacies. Today, Cleo grew to selling over one million units, through 3500 pharmacies and online, offering a range of 35 different products across 2 brands, with an overhead of around 60 employees.

Cleo Laboratories was co-founded by former investment banker Salah ElDardir, head of strategy Dr. Mohamed Helmy, head of marketing Lamis ElDardir, head of R&D Adoub Ezz ElDin, head of operations Donia Salama and Dr. Amr Elbayoumi, Medical Director

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