Whether in-store or online, these stores have a wide variety of designs and creativity that you’ll find yourself wanting to buy everything you lay your eyes on!
Here are some of Egypt’s most creative and innovative furniture & home accessories stores to help you finish your home beautifully and locally.


Dokan Boutique

Made entirely by Egyptian hands, Dokan Boutique’s furniture and home accessories are limited edition pieces that are inspired by vintage vibes and iconic images. Dokan Boutique use quirky colors to create one-of-a-kind pieces that turn any room they are put in into an art piece.

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Joud home products add art to your homes by using the simplest of accessories. All their products have an artistic twist making them unique and captivating.

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NOULA Home Decor 

Noula creates unique handcrafted wooden masterpieces. Their collection is made up of everything wood; including mirrors, tables, coasters and pretty much everything you could want to decorate your home with! 

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Bijar Egypt

Bijar offers variety of handmade Egyptian carpets, rugs, and kilims from vintage to contemporary and modern kilims. Their selection of designs and colors makes it so that everyone can find something that suits their home.

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Gallery In Blue

Gallery In Blue offers a different style of home accessories and special items that will turn any room into a chic glam space.

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Eklego offers it’s customers a wide range of furniture, with unique and eye-grabbing designs that are all made in Egypt.

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Tamara Fabrics

From sketching to developing patterns, Tamara Fabric is a local store that sells unique fabrics with innovative designs and quality fabrics. Their designs are always inspired by the surrounding climate and made with love and devotion.

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INCA & Co.

Inca and co.’s home fabrics and lifestyle furnishings offer the biggest variety of patterns, colors with impeccable quality.

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Zigzag Furniture

Zigzag Furniture aims to customize furniture to best suit your home and your personality, offering you the chance to create the perfect piece.

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Mama Bear 

Handmade pieces to add nature and warmth to your home!

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The Nile Co.

The Nile Co. mission is to provide the highest quality tiles, a huge variety of options and endless colors.

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Kiliim is a social enterprise/lifestyle brand that aims to revive & sustain the art of kilim making by introducing modern designs to a time-honored technique.

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Inbox House

Inbox House always strives to put art to use by creating unique pieces, that are made designed and painted in Egypt.

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