Sprucing things up in your house with the changing seasons is one of the best ways of keeping your mood fresh and avoiding boredom. Think of your home’s interior as a way of expressing yourself, and with the changing seasons (and most likely some spring cleaning) you can make a few simple changes to your surroundings that will make your day-to-day life brighter overall. Check out our favorite design ideas below to bring spring to your home.

Change Up Your Bedding

change up beddingYour bedroom should be your safe haven, the place that expresses your personality the most. Changing up your winter bedding with floral or pastel toned sheets and pillows can help you welcome the warmer months with open arms and a clearer mind. If you don’t want to completely change your whole bedding, you can simply go for some brighter accents like a throw or cushions to place on top of your existing bedding. Go for lilac, coral, pink, turquoise or baby blue bed sheets to keep your bed decorations crisp!

Inject Some Greenery

inject some greeneryBringing the outdoors indoors is one of the best ways of welcoming spring. Allow your home to blossom by having some low maintenance succulents, cacti, or flowers dotted around your home. If you are not ready for the care that comes with real plants, simply buy some faux versions to add a splash of greenery instead.


artworkSometimes a hanging painting is all it takes to completely transform the feel of a room. Try investing in some botanical prints this spring to brighten a room you feel is lacking in character.

Light Up Your Garden

garden lightsIf you are lucky to have some outdoor space in your home, you will probably be using it a lot more as the weather gets warmer. Some simple fairy lights can completely change up the feel of your outer space, even to a small balcony, making it much cozier and inviting.

DIY Spring Spray

room sprayThis do it yourself room spray will keep your room feeling fresh and floral all day, not to mention it can also add a pretty accent to your living room table. Simply mix a few drops of your favorite scent or scents of essential oil to 500ml of distilled water and mix until you get the desired fragrance. It’s the easiest way to spritz yourself into spring!

Plates and Bowls

spring plates and bowlsWhether you go all out and completely change up your cutlery set or simply buy a few brighter bowls and plates to add to your current collection, adding some new colors to your dining table will most definitely up the spring feel in your home.

Coffee Table Books

coffee table booksOf course we buy books to read, but they can serve a decor purpose too. Adding books to your coffee table is a great way of adding an accent of color to any room, and they are also a great conversation starter for when you have guests over. Choose books that look pretty but also reflect your views and who you are. Photography, design and novelty books are the best picks for color and added entertainment to your communal living space.


mirrorsSpring is all about injecting as much light as possible into your life, and this includes your home too. Mirrors are a great way of making your house brighter and making your space feel and look bigger.

Herb Garden

herb gardenGrowing your own herbs at home means a spring feel to your home, but also more naturally delicious meals! Potted herbs don’t require much space, and can easily flourish on a balcony with the right amount of sun and care. Use this guide to start building your very own herb garden!

Welcome Sign

welcome signFirst impressions count, and adding a spring feel to your home can start even before you enter your house. This welcome sign can be placed on your front door, it is easy to make yourself (just use any old wood scraping you have and some paint) and we guarantee it will make you feel just a little bit happier every time you come to enter your house.

Kids Room

kids roomYou shouldn’t forget about your kid’s room when revamping your home for spring. These creative egg carton flowers are also a simple bonding activity for you to enjoy with your kids, and they can be hung up in their room for spring afterwards.

Spring Inspired Jars

spring plates and bowlsRevamp any leftover jars you have to give it more of a spring feel simply by painting it. These jars can then be used for various storage around the house. Get the step by step instructions here.

Spring Cushions

storage boxesAdding bright cushions to your living room sofa is one of the best way of getting that spring bright-but-cozy feel without spending too much money. This is one of the best places to add a pop of color to your home.

Painted Chair

bright chairIf you look hard enough, you will probably find an old neglected chair lying around somewhere in your house. Upcycle it by simply giving it a fresh coating of color to really transform your space, in addition to adding an extra bit of furniture. Upcycling old furniture is a fun and cheap way to customize your home at a moment’s notice.

Colorful Storage

storage boxesWe all have a not-so-pretty corner in our house where we store things that we can’t quite let go of but don’t serve much purpose in our daily life. Avoid clutter by placing all those items in some colored boxes and stacking them neatly to keep your room bright and tidy (no one needs to know how messy they are on the inside!).