Let’s be real, buying local is no longer just about that the fact that the dollar price has made buying a high-end designer bag and selling your kidney almost the same price. We are actually in love with Egyptian designers and the creativity they bring to the market! Who knew that what we needed was a drop in the value of the Egyptian pound for such beauty and creativity to arise in our country.

The rise in local bag designers trend has lately been grabbing both our attention and our money’s worth. We’re constantly discovering new, niche, and most of the time affordable local brands thanks to the stylish ladies and fashion bloggers who snap their #OOTD and to social media movements like Hana El-Awadi’s #HanaGoesLocal.

Ladies, feel fashionably free to  ditch your Celine and go for any of the 16 Egyptian brands that we’ve rounded up for you in the list below


“Okhtein stands apart as a luxury brand that is truly committed to supporting the cultural value of Egyptian craftsmanship and to giving back to those in need while promoting innovative, cutting-edge design on an international scale.”

Najnaj Bags

“Hand crafted bags made using ethnic materials from all over the region.”

Zaam Designs

“ZAAM is a brand of contemporary leather clutches and handbags, yet with a touch of vintage, known for its luxe appeal, and urban aesthetic. ”

Les Miniatures

Nothing more beautiful than simplicity in design.

You can shop the collection online at Coterique 

Sami Amin

“He managed to impose brass as an inevitable component of every design and translate normal everyday life ethnic items into charming pieces of art.”


“Your everyday bags that Love & Respect Earth & People. Made of upcycled plastic bags. Designed and produced in Egypt.”

Palma Egypt

“Palma is an Egyptian brand focusing on making and selling high quality bags with unique designs that are all designed and made in Egypt.”


Handcrafted in Cairo ranginf from  leather handbags, kilim bags, totes to clutches


“Little Bags of Dreams, delicately crafted by Egyptian hands. ”

Omni’s clutches

“Intricately handmade bags and clutches”

Rimini Bags

Leather backpacks, clutches and crossbody bags

YF Designs

“Luxury Python Leather Bags and Handmade Leather Bags”


Made in Egypt. PAvo offers everything from summer bags to suitcases.

Seashell Egypt

“Seashell is a 100% egyptian brand that offers high quality and innovative summer beach products. ”

Banjara line

“Egyptian designs with the essence of Boho chic. A fusion of colors, tradition,handmade,vintage and love”


SUKI Designs 

“Quality line of bags proudly handmade by Egyptian craftsmen and women.”