Whether you learn to do your laundry while still living at home or once you move out on your own, it’s a never ending experience. The larger your household becomes the more experience you get, or do you? We tend to treat doing laundry as just a necessary chore to get our clothes clean, but there are also so many ways to make your washing machine and clothes last longer, and save you time and money too.

So, even though laundry is an unfortunate fact of life, these hacks will help to lessen your load and make sure everything is always as clean and fresh as can be!


sorting-binsSort laundry in separate bins; whites, colors, denim, linens, delicates. Organize your bins to whatever works for your laundry needs.

2. clorox-cleanWho hasn’t faced that moment when clothes come out of the wash, yet that stubborn stain is still there? Eliminate the worry by opting for an all-around powerful stain remover. A simple miracle in a bottle, Clorox Clothes is the ultimate stain treatment; perfect for everyday washes, as well as for the occasional extra tough stains. Not only does it work on all kinds of stains, but it’s safe for both colors and whites.

3. how-often-to-washSet up a schedule! If you’re running a household then you know the feeling of drowning in laundry all too well. Check out some different scheduling ideas others use to keep afloat in their households and pick what’s best, or customize your own for your specific needs.

4.wood-iron-rackBuild a wood ironing board rack or use attractive hooks to hang your ironing board on, to save space with an added touch of personalized design.

5. vinegar-in-washKeeping your washing machine clean is equally important. Once a year run your wash cycle with just hot water and a bottle of white vinegar. This will completely clean up any residue in your machine that might be preventing your laundry from being thoroughly cleaned. Find all you need to know about how to clean both top and front loading machines here.

6. aluminumHave a dryer and want your clothes to come out smooth and fluffy without using dryer sheets? Throw in a ball of aluminum foil instead. It can be re-used for a few weeks.

7.washing-settingsKnow your machine settings! If you’re doing a regular load of laundry with no heavy stains, you’re safe to choose a shorter wash cycle to save time, energy and water.

8.overloadedIt might sound appealing to shove everything in and get it all over with as quickly as possible, but it’s a terrible idea. You run the risk of wearing out your machine from such a heavy load and your clothes will not get clean; they need room to move around and be washed thoroughly. This is especially important with towels and linens, which are heavier and can easily get wrapped around each other and bundled up in the wash.

9.ice-dewrinkleDe-wrinkle your dry clothes by adding a couple of ice cubes in the dryer for about 15 minutes. The heat from the dryer will melt the ice cubes, release steam, and help you get rid of wrinkles.

10.ziploc-jeansDon’t have time to wash your jeans? Place them in a Ziploc bag in the freezer to remove odors.

11.fluffy-towelWhen you need to speed up your dry time, throw a dry fluffy towel in with the wet clothes. It will help absorb the moisture faster.

12.rolling-cartUse a slim rolling cart to store your detergents and cleaning supplies in a space saving style.

13.wood-washing-boardBuild a removable wooden board counter-top to avoid placing all your laundry materials and detergents straight onto your washing machine.

14.laundry-guideNever ruin a piece of clothing in the wash again! Print out and use this garment washing instructions guide to make sure you’re doing it right every time. It also gives you the power to get others involved in the household chores with no more excuses of “I don’t know how”.

15.overthedoor-rackYou can also use an over-the-door rack to keep your detergents and products organized and out of the way but still convenient. Use smaller containers to store larger products to reduce the weight when needed.

16.washing-legosGarment bags that are used to wash delicate items in the washing machine can also be used for…dirty toys! This genius hack means that those grimy Legos, block toys and stuffed animals can be clean before you know it, with little effort. Check out the process here.