New Year, New You, New Year’s resolution…

By now you’re probably all tired of creating a super exciting list of “New years resolutions,” following your strict diet and exercising four times a week, all the way until it’s January 15th and then you’re already bored. The list is buried somewhere in the huge pile of old papers and files and you forget all about it until it’s December and it’s time to create another list that you promise yourself you’ll follow this time.

How about instead of creating yet another list of new years resolutions that you’re bound to fail at meeting, take a deeper look at your life, your goals, your ambitions, your purpose and your overall wellbeing. For this New Year, we’ve ditched the resolutions and are adopting a new method.

Here are 17 things to re-evaluate in 2017

  1. Your success

Think about all that you have accomplished in the past year

  1. What you look forward to

Make a note of all the things you’re looking forward to in the New Year

  1. What you are grateful for

Look over the past year and count your blessings

  1. Who you are grateful for

Take a look around you and appreciate everyone who’s had an impact on your life this past year

  1. Commit to someone other than yourself

Instead of making goals all about you, think of how you want to help others this New Year

  1. Your career

A big part of our day is spent working. Reevaluate your job, if you’re doing what you love, great! If not, let the New Year be a chance to find what you love

  1. Same Dreams

Don’t throw away your dreams and decide to find new ones for the New Year. Keep fighting for what you want to do and what you believe in.

  1. What’s making you unhappy

Think back about this past year, notice the things/places/people that made you unhappy and let them go. Make room for better more positive things this New Year.

  1. How you spend your free time

Do you spend your free time doing things to recharge? Do you spend it doing things that make you happy? Or do you waste that time with any time fillers?

  1. Forgiveness

Forgive the people and situations that have put bumps in your last year and move on.

  1. Mental Detox

Give yourself a break from everything that consumes you and wastes your time. Spend more time away from your phone, your video games, your online shopping… whatever it is detach yourse from it for a while and see the bigger picture.

  1. Do you spend enough time with your loves ones

We all tend to take time for granted, instead of assigning yourself 101 things to do this year. Reexamine the time you spend with your loved ones and make sure you don’t always assume there’ll be a next week.

  1. Are you where you want to be?

Career, family, hobbies, … if you aren’t living your dream life you should reevaluate what’s holding you back and what you need to do more of to reach it.

  1. Ask your friend, families, loved one what they love about you and keep doing that

Instead of always wanting to change the bad, do more of the good this year.

  1. Do what makes you happy

Find what makes you happy and keep doing it – you don’t need to find something new. If you know what makes you happy- keep being happy.

  1. Focus on each day as it comes

Instead of making huge resolutions for the WHOLE year, take it day by day. Set realistic goals for yourself as they come and don’t stress when they don’t.

  1. Be better, be happy, be loved and love, be good and give good. Remember, what you give you receive.

Above all.