Today we are celebrating the achievements of the women whose ROAR has been loud enough to break stereotypes and change the fitness game in Egypt. From squat racks to downward facing dog, Egypt has seen a storm of women raising the bar to new heights. Some work two jobs, some dedicated their life to fitness, and all are changing lives and inspiring us each and every single day. Meet the inspiring women, who have changed the game for good.

Amina Naguib          B-URN


Physio, Health Coach, trainer and founder of B-URN. Naguib introduced a new training method to Egypt adding a new sport to the fitness scene in Egypt. Amina’s play-hard, work-hard take on life is what brought around the B-URN, a high intensity, low impact, 45 minute, full body workout performed on the Megaformer, and based on the Lagree Fitness Method. Daring and motivating, Naguib reminds us all to take risks and think B-eyond the box.

Asmaa El Zohairy          Nike Ambassador + TD Athletics Coach


You shouldn’t be surprised to find Zohairy’s name on many articles in prestigious magazines all over the world. But lucky for the fitness world in Egypt, Zohairy decided to follow her other love and is one of the leading faces of fitness in Egypt. She is a Nike Brand Ambassador and N+TC Trainer who coaches at TD Athletics. Her love for fitness also expands to rowing, as well as being a certified Les Mills international Body Step and Body Pump. She is always aspiring to do more, with her most recent accomplishment, finishing 2nd in the Sahl Hasheesh triathlon. Zohairy is a face to be reckoned with as she takes the fitness world in Egypt one race at a time.

Dalya Darwish          CrossFit Stars Coach


Five years ago, Dalya started doing CrossFit and has changed the fitness scene ever since. Dalya started her fitness journey in Denmark, where she swam for 8 years. Now, Darwish is involved in many weightlifting competitions; she won a couple of national weightlifting championships in Denmark. When she came to Egypt, Dalya started coaching and training at CrossFit Stars. In 2016, she earned the title of the ‘Fittest Woman in Egypt’ by winning the CrossFit Opens for 2015. Darwish is an inspiration to all women who believe that weight lifting is just for men.

Deana Shaaban          Ignite Coach


Fashion Designer and Fitness Coach. Shaaban is here to show all women out there that you can in fact do it all! Shaaban is an inspiration to all women showing us all that you can have more than one passion and you can and should follow them all!

Farah Nofal          BeFit Coach


Growing up Farah was the athletic type; she was always surrounded by sports and was dedicated to basketball for 7 years. After studying Finance in college, Nofal went on a mission to fulfill her passion and got her ISSA certification, Crossfit L1, L2 & weightlifting. She is currently a coach at BeFit. Farah’s passion doesn’t end there; during this past year we have seen her expand her passion and becoming a certified Yoga teacher as well as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She is definitely a figure to watch out for, this superwoman is tackling one field at a time reminding us all that there is no limit to your passion.

Farida Abou El Dahab          Yoga Instructor


A finance graduate who was a professional squash player and finally found her love and passion in Yoga. Abou El Dahab is a self-taught yogini based in Alexandria. She was introduced to yoga in 2013 when she was struggling with a back injury. She managed to find a beautiful physical, mental and spiritual connection in her practice that made her the Yogi she is today. Abou El Dahab is a true inspiration on how to overcome obstacles, she became a yoga instructor after she was faced with an injury. Teaching us all that there is no obstacle you can’t overcome when following your dreams.

Hala Serag El Din          The Fit Camp Founder


After being a gymnast for 12 years and achieving various medals, Serag El din was sure that fitness would remain a vital and passionate part of her life. She studied and obtained her certification as an ISSA Certified Fitness Instructor alongside being a former Nike Ambassador. Serageldin inspires other and helps them reach their goal through “The Fit Camp” which she founded and coaches in. She is one of the leading figures who inspires women all over Egypt to find their inner fitness enthusiast.

Heba Al-Aaser          Bootybarre + Pilates Instructor 


After spending 10 years in the corporate marketing world, Al-Aaser decided to follow her other passion, fitness. Spending years doing aerobics, she decided to become a bootybarre instructor, teaching barre classes as well as a Peak Pilates instructor. Al-Aaser is proof that it’s never too late to start over, and you should always follow your passion.

Maha Safwat          AOS Coach 


Two years ago when her youngest son started school Maha started taking fitness and kickboxing classes to fill up her new found free time. Soon though the mother of two discovered a passion for working out and started excelling in training. Her passion and hard work were so apparent that soon after, the Computer Science graduate, started coaching at AOS. You can find her on the training field helping people transform and shape their lives every day of the week.

Mai Daw          Jumping + Bootybarre Coach 


Although originally a passionate diver, she became addicted to fitness classes and her passion for fitness grew and developed there. Daw decided to fulfill this passion and started her career as a Fitness instructor by getting certified as a Professional Group Fitness Instructor (SAFE Academy) and also obtaining a Jumping Fitness Certification. Daw’s energy levels alone are enough to inspire many women to keep attending her classes, her passion is passed onto her clients and makes them as addicted to fitness classes as she is.

Mila          Reform Pilates Studios Founder

Although she originally studied Middle Eastern studies, Mila’s interest took a turn when she was introduced to Pilates and decided to dedicate her life to fitness. In 2010, Mila opened Reform Pilates Studios, the first Pilates-specialized studio to open in Egypt. Mila is currently the only person in Egypt who runs training for trainers in Peak Pilates. She also completed her specialization in breast cancer patient post Rehab Pilates and is now training instructors. Mila’s passion for Pilates led her to introduce and become the first and only pilates-specialized fitness studio in Egypt, making her a pioneer in the field.

Mint          Pole Fit Egypt Founder


During her studies abroad, mint was introduced to pole fitness in 2010, she instantly fell in love and has been addicted to the sport ever since. Even though she was studying Architect and Design, Mint spent a lot of her time abroad training and teaching Pole Fitness in the UK. When she came back to Egypt, she decided that the women of Cairo needed to be introduced to her new love and she opened Egypt’s first Pole Fitness center. Mint is the real-life definition of what it means to risk it all for your passion. She introduced Pole Fitness to Egypt without knowing how people would react to the idea of PoleFit.

Nabila          Dance with Nabila


Inspiring women to become fit through dancing, Nabila’s love for music and dance expands to all types of dance and fitness. Her passion for dance is unmatchable as she believes that this is what she was destined to do, as is apparent in the way she teaches her classes and the vibes she gives off.

Nirvana Zaher          The Fitness Playground

Zaher, a strong believer in a holistic approach to fitness is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist from NSCA, certified from the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), a spinning instructor and an ambassador to the National Strength and Conditioning Association in Egypt and the Middle East. Her training strategies incorporate principles from yoga and gymnastics to weightlifting. Zaher obtained both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology. Through The Fitness Playground, she aims to empower people through courses and workshops that are aimed at helping anyone who share her same passion for health and fitness. Zaher inspires us to empower each other, as she does in a growing field in Egypt, making her a staple name in the fitness industry.

Riham Masoud          CrossFit Monkey Bars Founder

Riham Masoud achieved the title of the fittest woman in Egypt in 2014. She is the founder and head coach of CrossFit Monkey Bars, making her the first female owner of a CrossFit affiliate in Egypt. Masoud’s dream has always been to own a fitness studio where sports, music and dance would be incorporated in a workout. Masoud spent 10 years practicing all kinds of fitness classes until she was introduced to CrossFit in 2013. Due to her perseverance and believing in herself, she got to fulfill her dream of having a fitness studio by opening her own CrossFit Box.

Rowana Badry          BeFit Coach


Athletics have always played a role in Badry’s life, from being on the National Basketball team all the way through college to becoming a gym addict obsessed with fitness, to becoming a Certified Fitness Nutritionist and leading a healthy lifestyle. Badry graduated from New Jersey with a Masters Degree in Education. She used to work as a teacher by morning and coach by night until she decided to go all in and follow her passion of helping others lead a healthy and fit lifestyle. Badry took her love for teaching and coaching and managed to turn them into one as she takes part in BeFit Corporate Programs, giving Nutrition Seminars educating people about nutrition and how to live a healthy lifestyle.

Sally Salama          Sal’s Fitness Hub


In 2008, she left the corporate world in hopes of starting her own business in the fitness world and hasn’t looked back since then. She was introduced to Zumba® and it was a story of love at first sight. A former professional gymnast and a Zumba® instructor who is always looking to expand her base in the fitness industry. Salama is certified in Zumba®, Zumba® Toning, Zumba® Kids, Aqua Zumba®, Zumba® Gold, Strong by Zumba™ and bootybarre®. Salama is changing the Zumba world, one shimmy at a time as she incorporates all her knowledge to create new classes for her clients.

Sara Taha          My Fitness Egypt Founder


Fitness has been a passion for Taha every since she was young, but her knowledge of the fitness world had always been basic until she took her first fitness course and a new passion was formed. She became interested in the science behind it all, the exercises and the training were no longer just moves to be performed. She founded ‘My Fitness Egypt’ where she offers different programs including, Fit Mommy (Pre &Post natal exercise), Personal Training Sessions, Dynamic Group Fitness training, Personalized Nutrition Plans and Nutrition Consultation Services.

Shereen El Baz          Woman Up By Shereen El Baz


Being a Fitness Enthusiast for as long as she can remember, El Baz combined her love for teaching and fitness to develop her always-expanding career. She co-founded ‘The Mala’ studio where she is a lead instructor in Peak Pilates, Pop Pilates, Pole Fitness, Aerial Yoga, Bootybarre, Jumping Fitness Zumba and Ugi Fitness. She is out to take the fitness world, one class at a time, not letting anything limit her eagerness to always learn and teach more!