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June 2015

How to Control Feeding Your Emotions

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Whether you’re craving a chocolate bar while checking out at the supermarket, eating straight from the Nutella jar in front of the TV, or devouring a box of pizza after a particularly stressful day, we’ve all been there – we’ve all eaten for emotional reasons. Emotional eating is eating to feed your emotions, rather than eating due to…

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From Farm to Table

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It’s incredible the fruits and vegetables you’ll find in the market today. So many items are imported from near and far – apples, bananas, avocado, garlic – but thankfully there are plenty of Egyptian grown goods available year round. And while having imported apples at home is fine, the rest of your fridge should be filled with as…

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The Benefits of Practicing Outdoors

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I’m not sure if it’s the fresh air or the sense of freedom you get when you practice in an open space, but there’s something about practicing in nature that really boosts my experience. Whether it’s a morning walk, followed by a nice yoga flow or an hour of mindful breathing and meditation, taking whatever…

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The Reason Why You are Always Feeling Dissatisfied and Incomplete

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As humans, we have the urge to blossom in our own unique way – we thrive in doing so every day of our lives. We dig to find ourselves and strive to reach that ultimate feeling of well being and meaningfulness. At times it’s family stability. Other times it’s excelling in our career. Whatever it…

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The Best Habits for Staying Hydrated This Summer

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The summer heat has picked up and with it comes the importance of staying hydrated. It’s no secret that staying hydrated is an important part of your overall health, especially when the rising thermometer can leave us feeling drained and dehydrated. You can avoid all those issues by following just a couple simple tips and…

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The 7 Benefits of Swimming for Your Summer Fitness

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Yes, we all love to take a dip into the water whenever we’re near a beach or swimming pool. But evidence shows that incorporating swimming into your normal routine has profound physical and mental health benefits. Here’s the rundown of all the benefits swimming will have on your body and mind. Total Body Workout Swimmers…

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The 4 Essentials for Healthy Traveling

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We are officially back in seaside weekend destination and travel mode. Whether it’s a quick weekend to the Red Sea or a trip abroad, we got you covered when it comes to the easiest and best ways to travel healthy. Healthy On-the-Go Snacks All it takes is a little planning ahead and you can easily…

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