As December comes to a close, we’ve been busy working on our resolutions and planning what our New Year will look like. So many of us love this season because it gives a chance to reflect on what’s been done so far and what can be achieved in the next 365 days (this year, they’re 366!). Did you know most people drop their resolutions by the 15th of January?! Do you search every year for new ways to better achieve goals, track progress and stick with them for a little while longer?

This year, we didn’t have to search. The best ways came to us!

On Monday, The Daily Crisp was graciously invited to attend a life coaching session by Intellect’s CEO Coach Ahmed El Ibyari. Life coaching for a few years now in the Gulf and recently in Egypt, El Ibyari was both inspiring and encouraging. His comments hit home and he offered us insight into our minds, telling us the best tips and tricks to make our resolutions come true for once.

Words Make A Difference
The first key point he made is usually overlooked and underestimated. Write your goals. Don’t think them. Don’t say them. Write them. El Ibyari tells us writing them down forces us to face them, decide why we want to achieve them and what the best ways would be to do that. Written down, these goals move from your self-consciousness to your consciousness and make you more aware.

And don’t just write them; make sure you write them in a way that makes you want to achieve them. Phrase your goals in a way that “gives you thrills” and pushes you towards achieving them. Don’t make them tedious tasks that you need to muster all your willpower for every day.

Have Reasons and Revisit Them
Once you’ve identified your five main goals and written them down – because five is proven to be the best number, according to El Ibyari – you need to achieve them. To do that, you have to have very strong reasons behind these goals. You have to want them for yourself and your own reasons, not others’. Then, you can choose to confide them in trustworthy and encouraging people or keep them to yourself. With the confidence of why you want these goals, revisit them as well as the reasons regularly. Be careful, though, of loving the plan more than the goal. If your initial plan isn’t working or has stopped being effective, come up with a new one, but don’t give up on the ultimate goal.

At the end of the day, remember that it’s all about you. El Ibyari tells us we have to really want these goals. You can have the perfect plan and timeline, encouraging friends and easy circumstances, but still not achieve anything if you’re not mentally committed to it. Reset your mindset. Decide that this is your year and it will be. Be true to yourself about what you want and why you want it, then hold yourself accountable.

Need help getting started? Grab one of The Notebook Coach planners to guide you through the next 366 days. They’ve got the calendars, tips and pages for identifying and tracking your goals. To get in touch with Ahmed El Ibyari or Intellect, or get familiar with the different coaching products and services they offer, check their Facebook page or website. Happy planning!