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January 2017

Happy Belly: Egypt’s First Plant Based Recipe Book Using Only Local Ingredients

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She’s the girl who defied all odds and opened Egypt’s first and only vegan and organic restaurant ‘The Vegan Kitchen’. Three years later and she’s still shattering glass with the release of her recipe-book Happy Belly (available in both English and Arabic) which contains over 100 recipes without gluten, sugar, dairy, tofu or yeast. In essence, no…

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What Happened to My Skin When I Gave up All Beauty Products for 3 Years

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In 2013, during my last year of college in London, I had started decreasing the amounts of chemicals/cosmetics I used. I was studying Environmental Engineering and I knew how toxic these products were, not only for the planet but for our bodies too. I had started by replacing deodorant and toothpaste with their more natural…

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ستة أسباب تخليك تراجع نفسك قبل ما تضرب أولادك

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٧٨٪ من الأطفال في مصر من سن ١ ل ١٤ بيتضربوا كل يوم من اهلهم في البيت، الضرب ده ليه تأثير سلبي كبير جدا على نمو عقل الطفل، وقدرته على التعلم ونتايجه في المدرسة واحتماليه تعرضه لمشاكل نفسية في المستقبل، وممكن يزرع أفكار ومعتقدات جوا الطفل بتعيش معاه طول عمره ولو ما حصلش مجهود جامد…

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A Life Coach Tells Us The Science Backed Way to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

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Stress, anxiety and fear are the three most common ailments I’ve seen in my clients. Coaching alone helps reduce anxiety and stress through helping the client plan for worst case scenarios. This reduces the stress affiliated as well as helps the client make a decision which could be one of the tools to lessen the…

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Your Guide to Local Farms in Egypt

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Now, more than ever, attention is being brought to organic, fresh, local produce. We’re depending more and more on local goods that are organic and chemical-free rather than looking to buy imported or regular goods. We’re definitely seeing a rise in the production of goods that are fresher, cleaner and healthier. The main reasons people tend to switch to organic…

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الدواء لإيقاف إبنك عن العياط

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سرعه بكاء الطفل الحساس بتلاقي مننا ردود افعال مختلفه اما اننا بنقوله (متعيطش بطل عياط الراجل ميعيطش ) واما بنعمله اللي هو عاوزه برضه عشان يبطل عياط!!! طيب سؤال كده هو العياط بيبقي ارادي ولا لا ارادي طيب انت شايف ربنا ميز الانسان بالعياط كوسيله للتعبيرعن المشاعرومخلاش الحيوانات تعرف تعيط ليه ليه ربنا يخلق مكان…

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