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July 2017

Mahgoub Ceramic’s New Ad Sums Up Everything Couples Need To Hear About The Marriage Process

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Mahgoub Ceramic’s latest ad hits home with their realistic portrayal of a young couple getting married. From the parents’ demanding a two-floor house to a 2-Carat ring, everything about this ad depicts the reality that young couples face today. The second part of the ad is what we’ve all been wanting to hear for quite…

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The 5 Fundamental Moves For Transforming Anyone’s Body

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In my previous article, I discussed how there is no magic pill, no secret formula, and no “cure-all” drugs to get you in shape. Hard work and dedication are the answer. Having already discussed the basics to transforming your body, today I’m going to reveal to you ‘the 5 fundamental moves for transforming anyone’s body.’ I…

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أكثر شئ يجذبك للاخر هو ما سيبعدك عنه لاحقا

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سألت نفسى كثيرا هل يجب أن نتشابه مع من نحب أم نختلف عنه ؟ هل نقع فى غرام الأخرلأنه مثلنا أم لأنه يعتبر نصفنا الأخر ويكمل ما ينقصنا ؟ أيهما أصلح لأنجاح علاقة أن نحتاج إلى ضعفنا بداخلهم أم أن قوتنا تتضاعف معهم ؟ وكانت تلك الأجابات هى النتيجة .. نحن ننبهر فى البدايات مهما…

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Eslam Edris “The Fat Slayer” From 131 KG To Becoming A Nutritionist

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We all love successful transformation stories and we all get inspired by the achievements that others do. Eslam Edris is one success story that would encourage anyone to start now and work on developing healthy eating habits. He is known online with his 200,000 followers Facebook page as “The Fat Slayer,” where he provides his…

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خمس حاجات تافهة شاغلة الرجالة فى الجواز

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قريت مؤخرا مقال بعنوان ” خمس حاجات لو لقيتها فيها اتجوزها بدون تفكير” لكاتب راجل على موقع .. فقلت لا بقى الموضوع محتاج رد لأن الجواز مودة ورحمة مبنى على السكن لروح بتستكين معاها مش لضعفها قدامك وتخدم فى البيت من سكات، الجواز ملوش كتالوج وأنت مش شارى غسالة بمواصفات الجودة يافندم. المقال بيقول…

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Hijab-Swimwear Reduces Contaminants in Pools and Contribute to Improved Water Quality

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There have been tons of stories circulating about women wearing modest-swimwear being asked to leave beaches and public pools for “safety” and “hygiene” reasons. As a result, a lot of speculations regarding the validity of these statements have been going around. We’re not here to weigh in on the argument, or share our thoughts about…

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Losing Weight Doesn’t Make Cellulite Disappear

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Most women, at one point in their lives, end up having cellulite. Consequently, cellulite-removing creams are bought, cardio workouts are increased and water intake goes up. But the real question is, do these methods work? Do you need to do cardio to eliminate cellulite? Does water actually help? Can you ever actually get rid of cellulite? The…

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5 Fashion Brands in Egypt That Are Stylishly Saving The Environment

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Being eco-friendly is about the many ways, little or big, that you can help reduce your carbon footprint on our planet. We all know the usual ways, less meat, reduced energy consumption, … but one way that tends to be overlooked is the clothes that we wear. Reducing your carbon footprint means wearing clothes that…

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