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September 2017

Yasmine Sabri’s Personal Trainer Reveals How She Got Her Body Ready for El-Gouna Film Festival

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We have all seen pictures of the Egyptian sweetheart Yasmine Sabry in El Gouna Film Festival wearing that golden dress and the incredible shape she was in. In my previous article, I talked generally about the lifestyle she is leading and the hard work she puts in without getting into much details. I decided to…

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How 7 Egyptian Athletes Eat For All-Day Energy and Athletic Performance

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Being a top-notch, record-breaking athlete definitely, comes with its set of perks as well as hardships. It is a round-the-clock job that requires endless dedication. Wanting to understand more about how they fuel their energy, maintain their physiques, and keep up with their demanding schedules, we sat down with a few of Egypt’s top athletes…

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I Tried Eyelash Extensions & Here’s What You Need To Know About Them

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All my life, I’ve been blessed *ehm ehm.. or cursed* with light, frail eyelashes. So, ever since the minute I discovered mascara, I’ve been notorious for packing on coats of it to get more volumized lashes that aren’t almost invisible to the naked eye. Can you imagine how psyched I was when I heard about…

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