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October 2017

#TriedAndTested: Four of Egypt’s Hottest New Fitness Classes

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Getting back in shape can seem somewhat tiresome and boring, but Egypt’s fitness industry has really been stepping up its game in terms of coming up with innovative concepts this year. So, with the aim of wanting to both break a sweat and have some fun while doing it, we went on a fitness spree.…

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The Dynamic Duo Behind StandOut Events Talk Wedding Tips & Trends

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For many people, planning their wedding is one of the most important decisions processes in their life. It can be a challenging and confusing process, but with the right wedding planner, it can definitely be made less stressful. We sat down with the duo behind StandOut Weddings & Events, one of the most prestigious events…

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#HomegrownAndTested: Healthy Treats to Curb Your Sweet Tooth

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It is hard to steer clear of sugary bites when you’re following a healthy regimen especially during the colder winter months that we are approaching. There are, however, healthier alternatives to curb your sweet tooth without wrecking your health-conscious lifestyle. So, we decided to go on the hunt for the best local sweet yet- healthy…

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4 Crazy Career Shifts That Prove It’s Never Too Late For A Change

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Some of the most amazing things you can do in life require a little bit of craziness.  If you don’t have that little bit of craziness pushing you, you would probably still be just fine. But you would miss out on the rewarding experience of taking a risk that might UPlift your life. Nothing inspires…

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7 Fun Outing Ideas in Cairo That Don’t Include Sitting at a Café

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How many times have we all huffed and puffed about having to, yet again, have our usual café as the venue for our friends’ outing or date with a special someone? It seems like there’s a café at every corner of Cairo and we have just about grown sick from the usual mundane seating and…

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PR Guru & Interior Designer Team Up to Beddazle Caireness & Beyond

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What is one thing that can make any situation or outfit a hundred times better? G-L-I-T-T-E-R. They took over our Instagram feeds all summer long and we saw them in our favourite spots in Sahel. Now, they are back in Cairo and ready to bedazzle everyone and spread joy all over. We sat down with…

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Ditch Your Expensive Creams, This Anti-Aging Solution Costs Less Than 15 EGP

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When it comes to anti-aging, the trend usually goes towards brand-name creams and expensive treatments. What we usually tend to forget is that the best remedies are usually found in nature; more specifically in one specific nutrient that can be found in so many of nature’s beautiful products. Vitamin C is the ultimate anti-aging vitamin.…

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12 Local Footwear Designers Worth Investing Your Money In

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Local fashion designers have been creeping their way into our hearts (and closets) lately. From clothes to handbags, local designers have really been making their mark in the industry, with the latest and greatest addition of local footwear brands that have been blooming. We’ve been seeing a lot of creative designers launch their lines so…

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