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December 2017

Healthy Winter Soup Recipes

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Everyone loves their mother’s creamy chicken soup, it somehow manages to fill the soul with just enough warmness all through the winter. But for those trying not to put on extra padding this winter, we’ve got great news for you. You can still have all your favorite soups this winter without the extra calories and unnecessary…

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Egyptian Real Estate Company Makes Its Way To A Renowned Expo In Abu Dhabi

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During this past weekend, Capital Group Properties were among many of the Real Estate powerhouses that were present in the Nile Property Expo in Abu Dhabi. The exposition is organized to help connect Egyptians living abroad in the Gulf to connect to the top real estate developers in Egypt as well as attract investors and…

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I Tried 4 of Cairo’s Top Nail Salons & Here’s What Happened

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When it comes to getting a manicure, many of us working women want it to be quick, efficient and… did I say quick? We have to squeeze the appointment into our already busy schedules because having chipped nail polish is hardly ever in fashion. So, with the aim of making everyone’s lives a bit easier,…

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Secret Santa Gift Ideas That Almost Everyone Would Love

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‘Tis the most jolly time of the year and we are all gearing up for all the Christmas festivities, one of which has risen more and more in popularity: Secret Santa. Whether you are doing it with your work colleagues, college buddies, best friends or family members, you will find yourself being given the challenging…

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5 Places To Buy Nut Milk in Cairo

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If you’re staying away from dairy, milk in particular, then here is a list of all the places you can get nut milks in Egypt!   Gourmet Egypt Gourmet Egypt sell fresh almond milk, sweetened almond milk (honey) and plain coconut milk! You can buy the nut milks in their stores, or online on their…

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Victoria’s Secret Model Becomes the Latest Public Figure to Join the Body Positivity Movement

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We women don’t have it easy. From the minute we hit puberty, our looks and demeanour are put under the ruthless glare of society. The way we look, talk and behave are judged by family members, acquaintances and even strangers. Beauty standards are always shifting and becoming harder and harder to achieve. Brazilian model and…

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خمسة حيل سحرية لإنعاش علاقة الحب

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معظم علاقات البشر تتهالك بالزمن، لأنها لا تتعرض للصيانة الدورية مثل المنازل والسيارات. نحن نهتم فقط بالأشياء، ونهمل الأرواح. الحب مثل إناء الزهور؛ عندما لايهتم أحد أن يغير المياه في الإناء، ستموت الزهور، مهما كان الإناء أنيقًا. وكذلك العلاقات، مهما ظننا أنها جيدة وقوية، ألا أنها تحتاج إلى العناية بها دائمًا، لو قررنا من داخلنا…

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13 Local Egyptian Stores To Help You Furnish & Accessorize Your Home

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Whether in-store or online, these stores have a wide variety of designs and creativity that you’ll find yourself wanting to buy everything you lay your eyes on! Here are some of Egypt’s most creative and innovative furniture & home accessories stores to help you finish your home beautifully and locally.   Dokan Boutique Made entirely…

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