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May 2018

9 Tips for Keeping Your Car Safe During Egypt’s Summer Heat

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The heat in the Summer lately has been brutal, so much so that our cars (even with air conditioning) have been transformed into mobile ovens designed to slowly bake as on our way to and from work. So if you don’t want to know how a roasted chicken feels, we suggest you follow these rules…

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6 Vegans & Vegetarians Tell us How They Survive Ramadan at Family Gatherings

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“Ya3ni eih msh betakly lahma? Enty sayma tool el youm, lazem tetghazy ya benty!! Khody de bas w khalas” your aunt says as she puts half a chicken on your plate at the annual family Ramadan gathering. If being vegan or vegetarian wasn’t hard enough to do while living in Egypt, the month of Ramadan,…

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TDC Picks: Ramadan’s Healthiest Drinks and Desserts from Glow

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Over the years, Ramadan has become somewhat synonymous with certain foods and drinks. While there are many traditions that have stuck around, the food scene in Ramadan is ever-changing. The traditional Ramadan food and drinks we were used to having seen many tricks and twists over the year. While we do love innovation, our health-conscious…

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5 Ways Using Paraben-Free Hair Products Will Make it Easier to Go Natural

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In a world where almost everything we use is loaded with chemicals and ingredient we cannot even pronounce, it is hard to take even the smallest of steps back to nature- it’ll be defying what we were always taught was the norm. The thing is though, using chemical-laden products only results in a vicious cycle…

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7 Places That Are Making Healthier Versions of Your Favorite Ramadan Desserts

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If you still believe that you’re going to gain weight this Ramadan just because you won’t be able to resist all the tasty desserts coming out this Ramadan. Between, professional fitness tips, ways to stay hydrated while fasting, your 1st week’s survival guide and this list of healthiest Ramadan desserts you can buy, you will…

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16 Nutrition and Fitness Experts Tell Us Their Number 1 Ramadan Health Tip

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If you’ve ever wondered how Nutritionists avoid or indulge in Konafa with mangoes like the rest of us in Ramadan, or if you’ve ever tried to guess how that health coach you religiously follow on Instagram still works out during Ramadan, we’ve got the scoop for you. We’ve interviewed 16 of Egypt’s finest Nutritionists, Health and…

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This Woman Gives The Perfect Response to Body Shaming

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We all are apart of a group or two on facebook, and they’re a great source of inspiration, shopping, celebrity updates, depending on what you want. And even though we may find the inspiring post here and there, we were really surprised by how touching and powerful this message that we came across in a…

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