The assumption that eating healthy and being a vegan in Egypt is “too expensive” and “impossible” is now nothing more than just that. An assumption. It’s true that having a diet that consists of quinoa and imported avocados is not going to be light on your wallet. But, whoever said that’s the only way to be vegan?

Here’s a sample of a 3-Day Vegan Meal Plan made from all-local products, that won’t drain your wallet.



Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snack
Day 1 Green Smoothie (recipe) Freekeh with vegetables(recipe) Chickpea Salad(Spinach + leafy greens + chickpeas + red peppers +olive oil ) Sweet Potato Chips(recipe)
Day 2 ½ cup Fool+Balady bread ½ cup brown rice +Cooked red beans(recipe) Carrots + Cucumbers with hummus dip 30g unsalted nuts
Day 3 ½ cup Oatmeal+1 tablespoon Flaxseeds Tomato and ginger soup+Lentil Salad (recipe) Cooked vegetables(Aubergin + Courgette+ tomato +colored peppers + 1 onion + basil + topped with olive oil) 2 bananas

Photo credit : Shamlola