People nowadays are becoming more aware of all the environmental catastrophes that are facing the earth and causing a noticeable change and imbalance in several aspects. From climate change to global warming, deforestation, and last but not least water scarcity.

Water, the most valuable resource the world has to offer, is becoming of high shortage in several countries around the world. The world water day, an annual UN observance day that happens on the 22ndof March each year, aims to increase awareness about the importance of fresh water, the problems we are facing us, and how we should take a positive role in saving the main source of life on this planet by being sustainable in our everyday use.


Tips that can be done easily:

Close the tap if you’re not using it.


Avoid throwing any leftover water in drinking bottles. You can always water the plants with them instead of throwing it in the garbage bin.


Share these tips with people around you, or those who encounter you on a daily basis such as your parents, housekeeper, hairdresser, etc.



Today is a day that we remember one of the most valuable resources on this planet. The reason why we are still alive; be positive, small actions do count. “Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small thing brought together” – Vincent van Gogh