Your mom is a part of you, no matter how far she may be.

This piece is not only about all the moms out there, but it’s also about each and everyone one of us. Sometimes we get blinded by all the mother’s day celebrations that we miss out on some of the main roles of our moms in our lives. The reflection of our moms on us is undeniable, whether by existing physically and emotionally on a daily basis, or by living far away, or by being in a better place.

Mother’s day can be hard on some of us, but don’t you worry, it’s not always about your mom being physically here. Our moms will always own some parts of us and our daily lives that you may have not paid attention to before.  So, here’s a list of everything that they may occupy a part of, or play an important role in who we are today.



1-  Our language

They will always own a part of your conversation with everybody. The language here does not only mean your literal language, it means that you may find yourself repeating some of their most used words. It’s almost like we inherit some of their words and expressions. The funny thing is, these words you keep on repeating unintentionally are probably the ones you used to make fun of when you were younger. Not only that, some of us subconsciously repeat some of our mother’s body language, the more we grow up, this especially implies more to girls.



2- Our achievements

Since our moms are our very first fans, they will always remain in the back of our heads in every step and achievement we make no matter how far they may be. Personally, I have been thinking about making my mama proud since I was a kid. I really think it’s the greatest motivation anyone could have and the most effective one as well. In school, we used to automatically think of our moms every time we pass an exam or when we get good grades, and it did not really change since then, did it?




3- Our perspectives/ traditions

Our moms are our base. They are the ones who constructed our perspectives and views on life itself. No matter how much we deviated from those traditions and perspectives, you’ll be surprised by how you react in certain situations. You can react in the most unexpected way that actually reflects the way you were raised by your mother. It shows how our upbringing can affect us more than the perspectives and views we developed throughout the years through the experiences we’ve been through. Moreover,  most of the girls actually inherit the same exact traditions when it comes to raising their own kids, only with little modifications with the base remaining the same.


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